Top 10 Writing Tools & Inspiration

I speak to a lot of people who write, who want to write or who like the idea of writing. What I’ve found is that people need both good writing tools and the inspiration to get writing. (I know I do!) The top two questions I’m always asked about writing are: 1) What do I need to submit a book proposal to a publisher? 2) What books will help me become a better writer?

In mentoring young or new writers, one of the reasons I started this blog was to put all of my ideas, favorite tools and resources in one place. What has emerged over the past year are a number of posts that offer the practical tools and resources I use.

I’ve also written a number of posts to ignite your creativity and inspire you to write (or film or paint or dance or whatever is that creative thing you like to do…). Here are my Top 10 Writing posts for this year…when you read one of these posts, please let me know what was helpful and why.

1. Write A Winning Book Proposal! (This is a great resource well worth the price & a money-back guarantee!)

2. Writing a Book? 9 Solid Steps to Writing the Perfect Book Proposal

3. My Top 5 Books on Writing: Improve Your Writing Now!

4. 5 Specific Ways to Become a Better Writer Today

5. Read ‘Save the Cat’ (Screenwriting Book-Resource)

6. A ‘Must-Have’ Screenwriting Book

7. Swimming in Grace

8. Creativity, Old Age, & the Art of Lastingness

9. Inspire Me! Help from ‘The Help’

10. Seth to Artists: Stop Waiting!

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Question: What topics about writing, the arts or creativity would you like to see addressed? What would be helpful to you?

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