Top 10 Art, Life & Faith Posts January 2012

Here are the Top 10 Posts from my Art, Life & Faith blog for January 2012. In writing about the arts, creativity, spiritual growth, writing and relationships, my goal is provide you with relevant, practical and inspirational content. I’ve just finished publishing a brand new dynamic video ebook entitled: Sound of A Spine-Poetry and Performance of Nick Macedo. Nick is an amazing spoken word poet and you’ll hear about him more in the coming weeks. I’ll be giving away a free copy to my top 10 February commenters. Post a comment and you just may win! Here are my Top 10 Posts for January 2012…

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  1. Do It Anyway! Thoughts from Mother Teresa (March 7)
  2. Joey Recommends Michael Hyatts eBook: Writing a Winning Book Proposal (Jan. 16)
  3. The Action-Oriented Artist: Part 1 (December 14)
  4. Build Your Artist Platform with (January 27)
  5. What is Your Deep Gladness? (December 19)
  6. Good Advice for Young Artists (November 29)
  7. Dan Wallin: The Sound of Creativity (January 14)
  8. 2012 Goal: Learning to Swim (January 10)
  9. Top 10 Writing Tools & Inspiration (November 9)
  10. Is ‘Marriage & Unconditional Love’ an Oxymoron? (November 5)

A few observations…

  • In the number 1 & 2 spots, Mother Teresa & Michael Hyatt actually tied! They both had the same number visits, which bodes well for Michael Hyatt since Mother Teresa has already been sainted. My review of Michael’s ebook is part of my new Joey Recommends video series. To get published, here’s why you need Michael’s eBook.
  • Four of the most popular posts were actually written in January, 2012.
  • If you want to maximize and extend your Twitter reach, is a free, must-have social media tool.
  • Artists, creativity, and writing were the most popular themes.
  • Ever since I’ve added videos to Art, Life & Faith, the average time viewers stay on the site has risen by a 1/3. Something to consider if you have a website or blog.

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