Top 10 Art, Life & Faith Posts December 2011

Here are the Top 10 Posts from my Art, Life & Faith blog for December 2011. It’s been one year now since I’ve been writing the Art, Life & Faith blog and I’m so glad I developed this “Home Plate” as my primary place to engage with friends and readers. It originally began as a writing palette to work out ideas, but the greater benefit has been making a whole host of new friends. From Art, Life & Faith, the other sites I connect with people online are Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and YouTube. To help you find relevant content that others are reading on Art, Life & Faith, I created a monthly review of my most popular posts…


In writing about the arts, creativity, spiritual growth, relationships and the writing life, you’ll see that people dig around my blog for various reasons. The date listed after each post is the date the post originally appeared.

  1. The Action-Oriented Artist: Part 1 (December 14)
  2. Good Advice for Young Artists (November 29)
  3. Holy is a Four Letter Word (December 1)
  4. Do It Anyway! Thoughts from Mother Teresa (March 7)
  5. Top 10 Art, Life & Faith Posts for November, 2011 (December 2)
  6. Persevere! You Can Do It! (December 12)
  7. What is Your Deep Gladness? (December 19)
  8. A Christmas Prayer (December 24)
  9. Top 10 Writing Tools & Inspiration (November 9)
  10. Scott Rigsby: Unthinkable Courage (October 7)

A few observations…

  • By far, the most popular post was The Action-Oriented Artist: Part 1. I’ll be writing more in 2012 about the importance of taking action as an artist, seeking the help of mentors, discipline, focus and improving your craft.
  • Five of the most popular posts were actually written in December, 2011.
  • My friend, Scott Rigsby, and that beloved saint, Mother Teresa, stayed in the Top 10.
  • The Top Ten Posst for November, 2011 actually made December’s Top 10, which tells me this is a useful tool people are using.
  • No surprise, but videos continue to be popular, especially Good Advice for Young Artists, and Persevere! You Can Do It!

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Questions: What posts did you most enjoy in 2011? What kind of feedback can you offer me about Art, Life & Faith? What question do you have about writing, creativity, the arts or spiritual growth?

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