Top 10 Art, Life & Faith Blog Posts for Feb. 2013

Here are the Top 10 Art, Life & Faith blog posts for February, 2013. As I meet with artists and art leaders from across the country, I see a growing intentionality among artists to cultivate their spiritual growth and the creative gifts God has given them. As artists pursue the beauty, truth and goodness of God, the natural outflow influences their creative and imaginative gifts. I’ve seen an enthusiastic response of artists spending more time on Art, Life, & Faith watching the artist interview videos, reading and posting comments. Last month, the average time spent on the site was 21 minutes per visitor…the highest ever. Most important though, is helping you cultivate a deeper relationship with God and how to pursue excellence in your given craft…all to the glory of God. Read on…


  1. The Importance of Spiritual & Artistic Community (Free PDF)
    This free download by Karen Covell of the Hollywood Prayer Network generated a great response.
  2. Do It Anyway: Thoughts from Mother Teresa
    Living a life of love and action by Mother Teresa continues to be an Art, Life & Faith favorite.
  3. Question of the Week #7: What Do You Say to Someone Who Doesn’t Understand Your Art?
    This question generated wonderful feedback. Add your own…what do you say?
  4. Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith
    Check out The Grove’s award-winning video ebook for iPad, Kindle & Nook. 21 artists!
  5. 3 Ideas for Cultivating a Fruitful, Satisfying Life
    Cultivating a fruitful life requires hard work, intentionality, and dependency on God.
  6. 10 Steps for Filling Your Life with Wow & Wonder
    Do you feel stuck and uninspired? Here are 10 steps to create more wow and wonder in your life.
  7. I Love You Unconditionally…On One Condition! (Free PDF)
    Is unconditional love possible in marriage and relationships? Download a free chapter now.
  8. How Extravagant is Your Love?
    We love because God first loved us. The secret to loving well is receiving the love of God.
  9. I Love Artists Who Go For It!
    I wrote this story about my risk-taking friend, Brian Swerdfeger. You’ll be inspired.
  10. Question of the Week #9: What Do You Enjoy Most about Creating Art?
    We create because we love to, right? I’d love to hear your feedback on this question!

Questions: How can we best encourage one another as artists? What topics would you like addressed?

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