Do Something Different Today!

This weekend, I want to challenge you to do something totally different. Get out of your rut. Remove yourself from routine. Do something totally out of the ordinary. Do something extra-ordinary! Be creative…for God’s sake (I’m serious when I say that), you are made in His image and made for so much more!

See this picture of the puzzle? That’s what I’ll be doing this weekend. Totally different for me…Gee Joey, sounds fun. Read on.


Right now, I’m in Post Falls, Idaho with my good friend Rick Dunn. We’re on our annual two-guy men’s retreat. A year ago, this same puzzle was still here.

And it’s still unfinished…how dare!

I’m not much of a puzzle guy. I’d much rather be out running or swimming…or at least here in Idaho, shooting an elk or bull moose. (I’m not that guy either because after missing, the bull moose would promptly wrap my rifle around my neck!)

By doing something new or picking up that old favorite thing you love to do that you haven’t done for some time, all sorts of great things can happen. You’ll be renewed. Refreshed. Restored. You learn something new or discover a keen insight. My goodness, you just may laugh more. Come back with a new story. And a memory.

That one new thing will make you a more interesting person! (Who loves boring and predictable…okay, we only want predictable for airplane landings.)

When you do something totally new, you tap into new adventures and opportunities never imagined before. (Click here if you’d like to Tweet this.)

So, my mission is before me. It’s 20 degrees butt-cold outside and I’m here by the fire ready for a search and rescue mission to bring creative order to this small corner of the universe.

I’m sure God will have a lot to say to me about finishing what’s left unfinished.

Puzzling, isn’t it?

Sounds vaguely familiar…one piece at a time…one step at a time…the story of our lives.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

Questions: What are you going to do different today or this weekend? Why? (When you do it, I’d love to hear back from you…how did it go?)

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  • Diantha Zschoche

    I had a weekend with my husband away and so I took your challenge to heart and did open my Saturday up to some different experience and it was truly refreshing. Thanks Diantha

  • Joey O’Connor

    My wife and I were just talking today about married couples taking the time to evaluate what their marriage needs in every different season of their marriage. That’s wonderful you had a weekend away Diantha! Glad you were refreshed!

  • Joey O’Connor

    My wife and I were just talking today about the importance of married couples asking each other what their marriage needs in every changing season of marriage. That’s wonderful you were about to get away for the weekend Diantha! I’m glad you were refreshed!