The Lemonade Fast-It Works!

[dc]I[/dc] am in Day 5 of The Lemonade Fast and I’m amazed at how well it works. In five days, I haven’t bonked. I’ve experienced few hunger pangs. I’ve lost six pounds. I haven’t gone crazy screaming at my wife and kids for drinking coffee and eating incredible food in front of my face. Best of all, by God’s grace, it’s made a remarkable difference in my walk with Him.

A little background might help. The Lemonade Fast was developed by Stanley Burroughs, who named it the Master Cleanser Recipe. I’m forty-seven, the same age my brother-in-law was when he died from a very nasty cancer. So I’m thinking, “A master cleanse might not be a bad idea.” Let me tell you more…

Coupled with prayer, this is turning into an amazing experience as I’m letting the magic combo of fresh lemonade, Grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper g0-g0 juice do it’s wonders. More importantly, my time with the Lord has been remarkable. Here’s a few lessons I’m learning along the way…

A good friend of mine, Roy Cochran from the Worship Mentor Network, has given me great mentoring in this process of turning those moments of hunger into times of prayer. Overall, with the lemonade fast, you don’t feel much hunger, but when I do, it’s a great time to ask the Lord, “Father, what do you want to say to me now?”

I’m learning that my Spirit is stronger than my flesh.

Not only am I hoping to rid my body of toxins, I am praying about the toxins God wants to remove from my heart.

I’m more aware of how my words and actions impact others.

I am praying about what it means to be nurtured, strengthened and sustained by the Father heart of God.

The absence of food gives me a completely different perspective on how my wants, needs and desires drive my life.

My goodness, to think Jesus did this for 40 days and nights, without lemonade, maple syrup or cayenne pepper…what a novice I am!

I’ll share more lessons and gleanings in the days ahead. The Master Cleanse is ranked #170 and available on Amazon.

Questions: How have you benefited from times of fasting and prayer? What spiritual practices have been transformational in your life?



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