The Importance of Spiritual & Artistic Community

Do you belong to a vibrant spiritual and artistic community? I recently wrote that artists are one of the most misunderstood tribes on the planet, which is one reason why belonging to a thriving spiritual community of artists is essential to thriving as an artist. Today, I want to share with you a wonderful essay from Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith. It’s written by Karen Covell, founder of the Hollywood Prayer Network. Karen delivers an important reminder why spiritual community is so important among artists. You can download the entire PDF essay for free. I hope you’ll be encouraged and share it with friends. Read on…


Karen Covell writes…
It’s always exciting to be asked to write about life in Hollywood. This topic defines me, stretches me, consumes me and exhilarates me. And yet, I find it often difficult to express the importance of what I believe God is doing through Christians in the entertainment industry. Such a profound topic of discussion or argument makes me uncertain where to start and just where the conversation will go, but telling others about the world’s most influential mission field is important.

From a creative family, I ended up at USC to become an actress—at least for the first few weeks of school, but it was short-lived as my love for theatre outweighed acting. With a sharper focus off stage, the role of producer proved a better fit. I quickly discovered the world of producing and creating, and in the process discovered Jesus. By the end of my freshman year, I’d become a producer and a Christian, launching a journey in art and faith that will continue as long as I’m here on earth. Though the life of producer is not an easy life, it’s full of adventure and joy.

Also, I met my husband Jim at USC. While he graduated with a degree in Music Composition, I graduated in my major, Producing, and we began our careers simultaneously in Hollywood. Not long after, we realized our chosen field had placed us in an extremely difficult marketplace. Competitive with no clear path to success and talent didn’t guarantee work.

As believers, we hungered for a community of Christians, and in 1983 a friend helped us and five others start a small prayer group of Christians pursuing work in the secular media. To this day, Premise meets every month! Our Premise prayer group made us realize we’re tentmakers in Hollywood. Or media missionaries, in a sense. Part of a growing group of believers who understand that not only is it important for Christians to be in the entertainment industry, but that we’re also responsible to live Christ-like lives as artists, share our faith with others, pray for one another, and intercede for those who don’t yet know the Lord. And of course, our goal is to excel at our craft. Jim compares Hollywood to unreached people groups in Third World countries and calls our mission field The Doollywoh Tribe—that’s Hollywood spelled backwards—almost!

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Questions: Are you a part of a vibrant artistic community? How has this made a difference in your life? What do you long for in a vibrant community?

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