Exceeding My Expectations

Going Above and Beyond to Create Beauty for Others


Ugh! Company was coming and the patio at The Grove still wasn’t finished. I still had a ton of dirt to move, but no one to help. Krista and I always say that ‘company is a good motivator’ for cleaning our home moments before guests arrive. I fondly call my wife the “relocation specialist.” She has the innate ability to hide unsightly stacks of papers, clothes dumped by teenage boys, and other sundry items into closets, drawers and nearby parked cars. But for me, there was no hiding. Two days before our Saturday event, by all counts, I still had about four tons of dirt to move…

How Triathlons Teach You 7 Important Life Lessons

You can go much farther than you think you can.

Scott Rigsby in Kona, 2011

Never say never.

I was one of those guys who said I’d never do a triathlon. I grew up in the eighties when triathlon was just getting popular. I loved athletics and played Division I volleyball in college, but when NBC sports televised the annual Kona Ironman race, I told myself, “Amazing. Inspiring. Good for them.”

Watching the surging maelstrom of a couple thousand swimmers clobber each other like salmon fighting upstream was not my idea how I’d like to spend my weekend mornings. Coffee and the morning paper were much more relaxing and safer. I wasn’t going to drown in my coffee.

What Haven’t You Done in a Long Time?


What haven’t you done in a long time? I recently asked myself this question. I surprised myself with what popped into my mind. I haven’t been to the mission in a long time. The mission I’m referring to is the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Founded by Fr. Junipero Serra in 1776, the “Jewel of the Missions” has long held a special place in my life. It is a timeless place filled with beautiful gardens, amazing old architecture and ruins, quiet fountains and high-quality art. It has been a central place in my quest of cultivating a beautiful life. Raised Irish-Catholic, I used to feed the pigeons there as a kid. Returning as an adult, I came for altogether completely, more urgent reasons. Read on…

Are You Leaving All Outcomes to God?


In my desire, struggle and journey to cultivate a beautiful life, one of the most helpful things I’ve learned to bring me peace is this simple truth: Leave all outcomes to God. In our work, life and relationships, if we want peace, we need to let go of our illusions of control and leave all outcomes to God.

Thomas Merton, one of my favorite spiritual writers, drives home this point when he writes about work and play. Read on…

Does Conflict Drain You?

Like a slow, steady leak, unresolved conflict can lead us to circle the drain faster than expected. And make no mistake, unresolved conflict can create a huge barrier in our creative lives. Not that all tensions have to be resolved, but…

Here on Planet Earth, conflict is a part of life. Try as we may, we can’t duck, dodge or avoid it for too long. Avoiding conflict creates relational and emotional erosion that, left unchecked, only creates greater problems in the future.

If conflict drains you, you’re not alone…

That Insatiable Longing: Discovering Your Identity in Christ

[dc]A[/dc] number of years ago, following a number of discoveries I learned in the darkest chapter of my life, I wrote a book called The Longing: Embracing the Deepest Truth of Who You Are. Through many years of chronic pain and the resulting depression, I discovered God getting my attention in several areas of my life. My work. My marriage. My role as a father. My friendships. And my understanding of God and my personal relationship with Him.

I hope these words from Chapter One encourage you today.