Are You Waiting for a Door to Open?

[A]re you waiting for a door to open? Are you waiting for God to come through for you with a particular hope or dream in your heart? I know I’m waiting for several doors to open in different areas of my life. When I walked in Capo Beach Church on Easter Sunday a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Easter Theme was “Doors.” I have found that waiting on God is where does his deepest work and cultivation in my life. Read on…

old doorway

Waiting for Christmas

In these final days leading up to Christmas, I spent a several hours in a hospital waiting room. It wasn’t the same maternity ward Joseph was searching for, dashing all over Bethlehem in the middle of the night with Mary in tow. Though my dad used to spend a lot of time in a waiting room a la seven kids, a waiting room was where he, my older sister Colleen and I were camped this week as we waited for my mom in surgery. My seventy-something mother, bless her soul, had a three hour rotator cuff surgery. Get this: she injured her shoulder at physical therapy. She’ll be going back to physical therapy for physical therapy on the shoulder she injured at physical therapy! You been in a waiting room lately?