Have You Seen The Grove’s New Website?


[F]or the past eleven years, I have led a ministry called The Grove Center for the Arts & Media. I have the incredible privilege of working with a lot of creative and amazing artists: writers, filmmakers, musicians, singer-songwriters, visual artists of all kinds, poets, dancers, photographers and just about every kind of artist imaginable. The mission of The Grove is to cultivate the spiritual growth and creative work of artists. We do this through Grove Gatherings, Getaways, and Generosity.

Here on Art, Life & Faith, I haven’t told you much about The Grove because I wanted to wait until I could show you in a visually compelling way what our ministry with artists is all about. So now, ta-dah…I’d like to invite you to visit our brand new website. I’d love your thoughts and feedback. If you really like it, I’d like to ask you to consider sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, your blog…whatever social media sites you favor. Read on…

Searching for that Missing Peace?

Last weekend, I told you I was going on a search and rescue mission for missing puzzle pieces. My previous post was all about being creative and getting out of ruts by doing something new. (I wrote about it here in Do Something Different Today!) My “Do Something Different” was simply taking the time to put together an uncompleted puzzle that was sitting on my friend’s table for over a year. I didn’t finish the puzzle, but it’s now a heck of a lot more complete than when I started. When I arrived home from a long peace-filled weekend, it wasn’t 24 hours before I found myself missing a different kind of peace. I was searching for that all-too-elusive, missing peace. Read on…