Exceeding My Expectations

Going Above and Beyond to Create Beauty for Others


Ugh! Company was coming and the patio at The Grove still wasn’t finished. I still had a ton of dirt to move, but no one to help. Krista and I always say that ‘company is a good motivator’ for cleaning our home moments before guests arrive. I fondly call my wife the “relocation specialist.” She has the innate ability to hide unsightly stacks of papers, clothes dumped by teenage boys, and other sundry items into closets, drawers and nearby parked cars. But for me, there was no hiding. Two days before our Saturday event, by all counts, I still had about four tons of dirt to move…

Listening to God: A Few Puzzling Questions to Ask Yourself

[H]ave you discovered how God speaks to us at the strangest times and in the strangest places? Being quiet and listening to God is a whole other story. I just spent the past few days in Post Falls, Idaho with one of my best friends. His family has a condo over the Spokane River, so when he asked me to get away for a “guys retreat” (i.e. he and I) for a few days, it took me all of 3.2 seconds to pray about going. I learned long ago that getting away to listen to God and enjoy His creation is good for my heart and soul.

When we arrived, I found this puzzle (yep, that’s the one!) on a small table next to a window overlooking the river, snow-covered mountains and a beautiful pine forest in the distance. I’m not much of a puzzle guy, but over the next couple days, I jumped in.  This puzzle prompted me to ask a few questions that, for me at least, I found worth listening to…