What Haven’t You Done in a Long Time?


What haven’t you done in a long time? I recently asked myself this question. I surprised myself with what popped into my mind. I haven’t been to the mission in a long time. The mission I’m referring to is the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Founded by Fr. Junipero Serra in 1776, the “Jewel of the Missions” has long held a special place in my life. It is a timeless place filled with beautiful gardens, amazing old architecture and ruins, quiet fountains and high-quality art. It has been a central place in my quest of cultivating a beautiful life. Raised Irish-Catholic, I used to feed the pigeons there as a kid. Returning as an adult, I came for altogether completely, more urgent reasons. Read on…

15 Simple Reminders When You Feel Overwhelmed as an Artist

I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more I need simple reminders when I feel overwhelmed. As I write, I have several reminders on little yellow sticky pads on my desk: Call Marty. Double-check rooms for Grove artist retreat. Pay Visa. Floss. Okay, delete the floss one.

If you feel discouraged, overwhelmed, or distracted, I hope these simple reminders will be helpful for you as an artist. In recent days, I’ve felt overwhelmed. I’ve never written so many checks to cover taxes and tuition for two college students. Last Monday, it was everything I could do to keep the anxiety monkeys from hurling handfuls of mental monkey excrement at me. If you’re overwhelmed…

When Creativity Runs Dry

This is a guest post on creativity by sculptor, Karen Schmidt. Karen is a skilled artist, a personal friend, an incredible sculptor and longtime friend of The Grove Center for the Arts & Media. Karen is one of those rare artists whose commitment to professional excellence flows out of a deep relationship with God. She is a woman of prayer, great depth and personal warmth. It’s my privilege to introduce you to her and her insightful thoughts on spiritual formation, creativity and the creative process.

[N]o matter how skilled an artist is, there are times when the source of creativity is dry. I know that during hectic seasons of life or demanding deadlines in the studio, the joy of creating art goes away and I struggle to find inspiration. The correlation between busyness and lack of creativity is no accident. Read on…


“The Holy Family” by Karen Schmidt
This is a powerful, must-watch video!