Question of the Week #9: What Do You Enjoy Most about Creating Art?

Welcome to the Art, Life & Faith Question of the Week #9: What do you enjoy most about creating art? As a writer, there are days when I’m not sure if I’m working or playing. I simply love to write. The same can be said for any kind of art that you truly enjoy creating. If you didn’t enjoy and actually love the process of creating, there’s a very good chance that you’d never become an artist. Read on…


Art, Life & Faith Question of the Week #2: How do you define success?

[Y]ou offered a tremendous response to last week’s Art, Life & Faith Question of the Week #1. It created the most comments of any post on this blog’s short history. It was wonderful to read everyone’s insights and encouragement to one another.  (Click here if you missed it!) Thanks to all of you who participated.

Today, I’d like to offer you a question that I hope will provoke a similar response. I believe how you reflect and respond to this question can make a tremendous difference in your life and work as an artist. Here is Question of the Week #2…


Art, Life & Faith Question of the Week #1: What is the worst thing someone has said to you about WHY you SHOULDN’T pursue your art?

[W]elcome to the Art, Life & Faith Question of the Week. Starting today, I’m going to offer you a Question of the Week because I want to hear from you. If you haven’t noticed, I love to ask questions because good questions are a great way to start stimulating conversations. They’re also a great way to create community in order to learn and grow together.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been writing a story about a struggling artist who has a peculiar encounter on an elevator. And here’s where I need your help, so I’m offering it to you as my question of the week. The main character in my story has been told a number of hurtful lies and stinging words about being an artist. She’s heard all sorts of reasons WHY SHE SHOULDN’T BE AN ARTIST…and frankly, she’s now bought into these lies. Here’s my question for you…(Everyone who answers the Question of the Week will receive a free copy of my story!)