Have You Ever Dreamed of Writing A Book?

Have You Ever Dreamed of Writing Your First Book

If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book, I have good news for you. Help is on the way! For years, I’ve met with many people who shared with me their dreams of writing their first book. If could be fiction. Non-fiction. A screenplay. A spiritual memoir or family history. Muchas ideas. Many dreams.

I’ve sat down with a lot of aspiring writers for a cup of coffee who have asked me, “How do I write my first book? Where do I begin? Should I self-publish or go for a traditional publisher? How do I write a book proposal?” Before you know, two to three hours have flown by as I’ve shared my best ideas. What has worked for me as well as my struggles and failures. All in the shared hope that my friends would go for it and pursue their dream of writing their first book. Along the way, I kept telling myself, “I could help more people if I just gather all this information together,” which is exactly what I’ve finally done. I’m excited to announce I’ve developed a very practical one-hour class called “Writing Your First Book.” I’ve packed about three hours of practical information into this helpful class designed to help you achieve your dream of writing your first book. Read on…

Joey Recommends Michael Hyatt’s E-Book: Writing a Winning Book Proposal

Welcome to Joey Recommends! This is a new video series where I personally recommend some of my favorite writing tools, books, movies and creative resources to help you in your personal and professional life. If you’re a writer or aspiring author, you might have missed my post a couple months when I recommended Michael Hyatt’s, Writing a Winning Book Proposal. Michael Hyatt’s eBook is an excellent resource to help you understand all the necessary steps you need to take to develop a clear, concise and cleanly written book proposal that will help you land that book contract with a traditional publisher. Whether your passion is fiction or non-fiction, here’s what I love about this great writing tool…

Writing A Winning Book Proposal!

I speak with a lot of aspiring writer’s about what it takes to write a winning book proposal. And I mean a lot! The first questions I’m always asked is, “What do I have to do to get published?”

For years I thought of writing a short book to help my friends develop a winning book proposal. But Michael Hyatt beat me to it!

If you want to writing a winning book proposal, I have just the tools to help you…

Writing a Book? 9 Solid Steps for Writing the Perfect Book Proposal

[dc]W[/dc]ondering how to write the perfect book proposal to catch a publisher’s eye? How do you make your book proposal stand out among the pile? How do you jump into the world of publishing? How do you get that first book published?

So, you’re almost finished with that new novel, collection of poetry, inspirational non-fiction book, or personal memoir, but you’re wondering, “Great, but how do I write that dang book proposal?!”