Artists & Marketing: Don’t Vote for Other People

I know many artists who say they’re terrible at marketing. How are you at selling your art? When it comes to marketing and selling your art, are you like many artists who would rather be dragged across broken glass? Marketing feels so “commercial.” Or egotistical. Or “beneath me.” Or above me…who would want to buy my art? Does trying to sell your art feel like taking your clothes off in public? Why subject yourself to rejection or people not understanding your art?

Lemonade Stand

All these myths, errant ideas, self-sabotaging beliefs create huge walls to professional and yes, financial success. As the author of twenty published books who has more rejection slips than acceptance letters (I keep a big thick file of ’em), I have one simple principle that can make a tremendous difference in your attitude about marketing. Read on…

A Must-Have Screenwriting Book

If you’re a screenwriter or you want to write screenplays, you need this screenwriting book: The Hollywood Standard. Yes, this one book. Why? You can read dozens of screenwriting books and spend months laboring over a great screenplay, but if you don’t read The Hollywood Standard: The Complete and Authoritative Guide to Script Format and Style by Christopher Riley, you’re script probably won’t get past those infamous Hollywood readers. Hands down, this is the BEST book I’ve read about script format and style.

When I’m writing, I literally keep this book right next to me. Here’s what makes this a great book…