How to Find Peace and Perspective in Pain

I recently met a friend for coffee who was seeking peace and a greater perspective for his life. Like a lot of people I know, maybe you included, my friend was struggling in his relationship with God. It wasn’t that things were necessarily going bad or that he was making poor choices. He was just wrestling with uncertainty and frustrated with the same issues resurfacing in his life. Issues that he thought “should” have been resolved long ago. In essence, he was “should’ing” all over himself. My friend was in a rut. You have ruts. I have ruts. We all have ruts. Read on…


15 Simple Reminders When You Feel Overwhelmed as an Artist


I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more I need simple reminders when I feel overwhelmed. As I write, I have several reminders on little yellow sticky pads on my desk: Call Marty. Double-check rooms for Grove artist retreat. Pay Visa. Floss. Okay, delete the floss one.

If you feel discouraged, overwhelmed, or distracted, I hope these simple reminders will be helpful for you as an artist. In recent days, I’ve felt overwhelmed. I’ve never written so many checks to cover taxes and tuition for two college students. Last Monday, it was everything I could do to keep the anxiety monkeys from hurling handfuls of mental monkey excrement at me. If you’re overwhelmed…