Never Underestimate the Power of Your Presence

Never Underestimate the Power of Your Presence

This past weekend, I was reminded in a very vivid way to never underestimate the power of my presence. If you are prone (like me) to underestimate the power of your presence, I hope this story offers you an encouraging reminder. You’ve heard it said that ‘99% of life is just showing up’ and ‘people don’t care what you know until they know you care.’

Especially when you see a man go into labor.

Well, sort of.  Krista, the kids and I had just returned home on Sunday from a summer family reunion. We were only home for an hour when one of my best friend’s sons came to the door and said, “Mr. O’Connor, my dad is lying on the bathroom floor.” Read on…

How to Find Peace and Perspective in Pain

I recently met a friend for coffee who was seeking peace and a greater perspective for his life. Like a lot of people I know, maybe you included, my friend was struggling in his relationship with God. It wasn’t that things were necessarily going bad or that he was making poor choices. He was just wrestling with uncertainty and frustrated with the same issues resurfacing in his life. Issues that he thought “should” have been resolved long ago. In essence, he was “should’ing” all over himself. My friend was in a rut. You have ruts. I have ruts. We all have ruts. Read on…


That Insatiable Longing: Discovering Your Identity in Christ

[dc]A[/dc] number of years ago, following a number of discoveries I learned in the darkest chapter of my life, I wrote a book called The Longing: Embracing the Deepest Truth of Who You Are. Through many years of chronic pain and the resulting depression, I discovered God getting my attention in several areas of my life. My work. My marriage. My role as a father. My friendships. And my understanding of God and my personal relationship with Him.

I hope these words from Chapter One encourage you today.

Broken Wholeness: Hope for Chronic Pain & Depression

If you struggle with chronic pain and depression (or know anyone who does), I hope you’ll be encouraged by this short video that tells my story. As I writer, I’ve wrestled with tendonitis in my wrists for over fifteen years and at times, chronic low back pain. Some seasons worse than others.