A Christmas Story: Play Your Best for Him

As I was sitting in a Christmas church service yesterday listening to a powerful rendition of “Little Drummer Boy,” the one lyric that caught my attention was “I played my best for Him.” It reminded me how Joseph, Mary, and the entire cast of unlikely characters in the Christmas story really did play their best for the newborn king. Earlier in the service, my wife Krista and I watched in awe as our best friend’s daughter, Kara, performed a beautiful Christmas dance to Mary Did You Know. Kara’s in eighth grade and she worked hard choreographing her Christmas dance that she not only performed at her school, but all three Sunday morning services. As I thought of the worship-filled movements of Kara’s Christmas dance and now the challenge “to play my best for Him,” I was moved by the simplicity of the Christmas story inviting you and I to offer our very best in all we do in worship of God. As artists, creating our best for him in our art-making is a gift of worship we can offer Him this Christmas. Read on…


Large Nativity with Joseph by Wayne Forte