Wide Receivers & Catching Footballs

I may not be Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald or Reggie Wayne, three of the top wide receivers in the NFL, but I do know something about catching footballs. I think you also know something about catching footballs too. Or something very similar. As children, we all tried to catch something. We all tried to catch the same thing, but it wasn’t a football.

Most of life goes back to elementary school, middle school and high school. It’s where the grooves of our lives are cut deep. It’s in our early years when the scripts of our life are chiseled into our hearts and minds that influence how we grow into adulthood. This is where many of us get stuck. Really stuck.

I wrote a story about catching footballs in my book, The Longing: Embracing the Deepest Truth of Who You Are. If may not be your story, but I hope you find glimpses of your story somewhere in it.  For this reason, I hope you’ll be encouraged and share it with others.