After Advent: What’s Ahead in 2013?

Now that Christmas is over, you might be asking yourself, “What’s ahead in 2013?” As we consider the coming New Year, I want to encourage us to ask ourselves, “How are we to live in these days after advent?” Though we are loading up our trashcans with torn Christmas wrapping, I think it’s critical we just don’t blow by Christmas. 

My friend and art colleague, Cam Anderson, the president of Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA), wrote this thoughtful Christmas reflection that has much to say about the coming new year and how we live in the hope of the Christ’s coming Kingdom. Cam’s letter reminded me, though Advent celebrates the anticipated arrival of Christ at Christmas, as followers of Christ, we are to daily live under the rule of Christ as we anticipate His final coming.

I hope you enjoy this guest post by Cam. Take a few minutes to remind yourself whose you are in Christ and whose Kingdom you really belong to. Read on…