What is Your Deep Gladness?

Have you ever asked yourself, “In my life, what brings me deep gladness?” What really brings you deep joy and satisfaction?  In his book, Wishful Thinking: A Seeker’s ABC, Frederick Buechner writes about purpose, vocation and calling: “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” Answering these two questions, “What is my deep gladness? What is the world’s deep hunger?” are critical life questions. They go hand in hand like the picture below and here’s why…


An Artist Asks, “What is the Mission of the Church?”

[dc]I[/dc] recently received a thought-provoking email from a visual artist named Jen White about the mission of the Church, church leadership, spiritual maturity, and the role of artists in the Church. She asked questions all artists who are followers of Christ need to be asking. I simply can’t think of an more important task of thinking critically about how we, as Christians and artists, integrate our art, life and faith.