Creativity, Filmmaking & Mentoring (Free PDF)

What role does mentoring play in the life of an artist? How can an artist cultivate their creativity through an older, wiser mentor? How can artists improve their craft by pursuing a mentor? Whether its filmmaking, writing, music, dance, visual art, or any other art form, there are critically important links between creativity and mentoring in the life of an artist. A mentor can provide an aspiring artist the necessary wisdom and life experience to help navigate the unavoidable personal, professional, and spiritual challenges that emerge as one pursues their creative calling. Today, I want to share with you a great interview with Charlie Matz, Bub Kuns, and Ian Nelson with Veracity Colab about creativity, filmmaking and the role of mentoring from Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith. Read on…


Introducing Creative Coaching & Mentoring

[E]ver since I was young boy, I’ve had many, many coaches and mentors. Little league coaches. Volleyball coaches. My dad as a coach and mentor. Teachers, counselors and professors. Writing coaches. Ministry mentors. Coaches and mentors who’ve become personal friends. And personal friends who’ve coached and mentored me in many aspects of my life. If there is one word that summarizes the role of these important people in my life, it is this: Cultivate.


When I Draw, I Feel Close to God: Video Interview with Eric Nykamp

[D]o you feel close to God when you’re doing something creative? When you draw, dance, write, paint, film, sculpt, act, shoot, play music or create in any way, do you experience deep pleasure and worship of God (at least some of the time)? Today, I hope you enjoy this video conversation with visual artist, Eric Nykamp, who has experienced what it’s like to feel close to God as he creates. If you’re like many of the creative people I’ve spoken with over the past ten years, chances are you may know exactly what Eric is talking about. You see, when creative people align their gifts and talents with their life purpose and who they believe themselves to be, it’s no surprise they feel close to God. Read on…

Good Advice for Young Artists

How many young artists have abandoned the Church because they weren’t offered any good advice, mentoring or a place to use their artistic gifts? Or, to put things in perspective, how often has the Church failed to acknowledge, affirm and empower young artists to use all of their creative talents to reflect the beauty, truth and goodness of God in this world? Imagine what might happen if young artists were given the very advice and help they needed to pursue who God has called them to be and what He has called them to do?

In this video, professional photographer Virginia Dixon shares her story of coming to America as a young girl and eventually becoming a professional photographer. Whether you are young or old, take a moment to listen to Virginia’s story and consider how you can encourage a young artist today.