3 Steps to Marketing Your Art

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How can you take solid, deliberate steps to market your art with confidence and professionalism? In this guest post by artist and marketing consultant, Margot Rogers, you will learn 3 practical steps to help you market your art in a way that fits for you. If you’d like more tools to cultivate your marketing skills, I’d like to invite you to join me this Thursday, September 19 when I interview Margot for Marketing Your Art with Margot Rogers. This one-hour online class (phone and web) by The Grove Center for the Arts & Media will be packed with practical information designed to help you cultivate your marketing skills. I hope you can join us. Margot writes…

Artists & Marketing: Don’t Vote for Other People

I know many artists who say they’re terrible at marketing. How are you at selling your art? When it comes to marketing and selling your art, are you like many artists who would rather be dragged across broken glass? Marketing feels so “commercial.” Or egotistical. Or “beneath me.” Or above me…who would want to buy my art? Does trying to sell your art feel like taking your clothes off in public? Why subject yourself to rejection or people not understanding your art?

Lemonade Stand

All these myths, errant ideas, self-sabotaging beliefs create huge walls to professional and yes, financial success. As the author of twenty published books who has more rejection slips than acceptance letters (I keep a big thick file of ’em), I have one simple principle that can make a tremendous difference in your attitude about marketing. Read on…

Seth to Artists, “Stop Waiting!”

[dc]I[/dc]  just read a great post from marketing expert Seth Godin and I’d like to share it with you. Before we glean from Seth Godin’s marketing expertise, I want you to look at this picture with the two empty chairs? See that one…the one with your name on it? Are you waiting for the perfect opportunity? Waiting for that phone call? Are you a visual artist waiting for that painting commission? An actor waiting for that acting part? A writer waiting for that book deal? That recording contract. That movie deal. You’re waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Seth says don’t wait to be picked…

Writing a Book? 9 Solid Steps for Writing the Perfect Book Proposal

[dc]W[/dc]ondering how to write the perfect book proposal to catch a publisher’s eye? How do you make your book proposal stand out among the pile? How do you jump into the world of publishing? How do you get that first book published?

So, you’re almost finished with that new novel, collection of poetry, inspirational non-fiction book, or personal memoir, but you’re wondering, “Great, but how do I write that dang book proposal?!”