Creativity & the Art of Living Longer


On a recent flight home from Atlanta, I read a fascinating article in Time magazine entitled, The Art of Living: It May Be No Coincidence that So Many Creative Types Have Long Lives. The article focused on creativity, longevity and how doing what you love can add years to your life. Whether you’re young or middle-aged, if you want to cultivate a beautiful life long into your later years, now is the time to pursue your creative God-given gifts. It is no hidden fact that the active, busy and creative brain stays lucid far longer than the “sedentary, bored and depressed” brain. Consider the lives of these artists and creative types who pursued creativity long into their later years. Read on and be inspired…

Dan Wallin: The Sound of Creativity

I love inspiring stories of people like Dan Wallin who continue to push their creative comfort zones well into the later stages of their lives. So when I read about Danny (as his friends call him), the oldest working sound engineer in Hollywood, I was blown away for a number of good reasons. Dan Wallin is eighty-four years old and he recently finished mastering the sound track for Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. While he could be playing a lot of golf or enjoying twenty previous years of retirement, Dan Wallin continues to create, learn, and improve as a master of his sound engineering craft. Here’s my executive summary of the Los Angeles Times article, It’s Still Music to Dan Wallin’s Ears.