Art Has Failed to Humanize Our Country

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I recently read A Global Perspective, a fascinating interview in the LA Times with theater director, Peter Sellars. Sellars is an UCLA professor of world arts and culture where he teaches Art as Social Action and Art as Moral Action. ​

When asked, “You’ve said that ‘art over the past 25 years has failed to humanize the country.’ How do think it can accomplish that?”​ Read on…

Can Artists Project the Goodness of God through Art?

[S]teve Kasyanenko from EightM recently interviewed me about how artists can project the goodness of God through art. On EightM, Stephen interviews Christian businessmen and women, actors, musicians, educators, artists, athletes and entertainers from around the world. As one of my goals here on Art, Life & Faith is to help artists pursue their creative calling, EightM is eager to help you find your destiny, call and purpose in life. EightM offers compelling video interviews and stories to teach you how to achieve greatness to radically influence and change the world around you.

In this two-minute excerpt, Stephen and I had a great conversation. We talked about a number of key issues regarding the role of art in the Church and in our culture. Here’s a few questions we explored…

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Can Joseph O’Connor Catch Joseph Kony?

Can Joseph O’Connor, a 15 year old teenager from San Clemente, California catch Joseph Kony? Watch the new Invisible Children Kony 2012 video and you just might find yourself voting for Joseph O and the millions of other teenagers just like him. But really, can a 15 year old really catch Joseph Kony? I say, “Why not?” David slew Goliath, who I’m sure was much taller than Joseph Kony. Just two days ago, Joseph watched the Invisible Children video and now he’s on a freaking manhunt. This powerful video inspired, outraged and moved him so much that he’s taking on the Uganda warlord by galvanizing a small army behind him.  I love it. The video instantly went viral and in three days, at last count, it’s already at 40 million hits on Youtube. If you haven’t seen it, it is well worth the next 30 minutes of your life.  Watch the video and read what Joseph O is up to…