Ask More Beautiful Questions


One of my lifelong goals is to stay curious, ask more questions and to learn how to ask more beautiful questions.

Whether you are an artist, parent, pastor, creative team leader, or simply a good friend to someone else, learning how to ask more beautiful questions can lead to breakthrough ideas in your own life and the lives of those around you. What can asking a more beautiful question lead to?

3 Lessons I Learned from an Architecture Graveyard

An architecture graveyard can teach you and I a few important lessons about life. Though I grew up running around graveyards and casket rooms in my father’s mortuary, most normal people I know prefer not to visit any kind of graveyard. So it was only until last week when my daughter Ellie and I visited Cal Poly’s “architecture graveyard” while on a tour of the campus. Ellie was recently accepted into the SLO School of Architecture and we’d heard much about the famous “architecture graveyard,” also known as the Design Village. Although we didn’t come across any tombstones, I soon discovered there were several things an architecture graveyard could teach me about life. Read on…