What Season of Life Are You In?

[I]f you’ve been wondering why it has been radar silent here on Art, Life & Faith for the past few weeks, it’s because I’m in an unexpected new season of life. In agricultural terms, I’m in the midst of a ‘perfect storm.’ As many of you know, The Grove Center for the Arts & Media is a ministry to artists that I serve. And what makes The Grove unique is that we really do have a grove. Twelve acres of avocados and organic lemons which require constant cultivating, weeding, feeding, watering, and trimming for every new season. Thus, for the past month (as noted by my agri-absence), my hands have not been at the keyboard, but manhandling a weed whacker and chainsaw. I’m in a busy season of cultivating about 1600 trees…what season of life are you in? A busy season? A peaceful season? A fragmented season? Read on…


Introducing Creative Coaching & Mentoring

[E]ver since I was young boy, I’ve had many, many coaches and mentors. Little league coaches. Volleyball coaches. My dad as a coach and mentor. Teachers, counselors and professors. Writing coaches. Ministry mentors. Coaches and mentors who’ve become personal friends. And personal friends who’ve coached and mentored me in many aspects of my life. If there is one word that summarizes the role of these important people in my life, it is this: Cultivate.