Good Friday: The Depth of Jesus’ Love for You

In case no one has ever told you, Good Friday is the day to think about the depth of Jesus’ love for you. On Good Friday, the innocent, sinless Son of God was whipped, beaten, insulted, and nailed to the cross as payment for the sin of this world so we could be restored back into relationship with God the Father. So today is Good Friday, 2012. A day to stop. Think. Remember. Examine our hearts. I’d like to share with you some simple Good Friday thoughts with you from the Book of Common Prayer. Read on…

Wayne Forte's Psalm 22 Crucifixion

This Easter, Tell Yourself “In Christ Alone!”

For Easter Week 2012, I want to share one of the most beautiful Good Friday and Easter songs I’ve ever heard–In Christ Alone. Written by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty, the lyrics of In Christ Alone are packed with amazing, life-changing Truth and deep theological thought.  Focused on the life of Jesus Christ from cradle to grave to resurrection, this song offers hope, comfort and perspective to the challenges of life. It offers so many wonderful insights into the benefits of walking with Christ every day. Tell yourself this Easter, “In Christ alone…” It just make all the difference in the world. Here are a few creative ways you can use In Christ Alone for your family and friends this week.