Are You Grateful for the Gift of Friends?

[Y]esterday I had a wonderful conversation with my buddy Roy Cochran, a dear friend of mine who leads a ministry for worship leaders and artists called the Worship Mentor Network. We had just come from a Grove planning meeting with Monty Kelso and Sherri Alden (also dear friends!) at Hidden House Coffee for an upcoming Grove Worship Leader Getaway.

CelebratingthegiftoffriendshipAs we stood in the gardens on Los Rios Street just talking and watching the sun go down, the warm light danced through the sycamore and eucalyptus trees. It was one of those reflective moments framed by the gift of friends and the breathtaking beauty of the waning day. After a hug and a goodbye, I got in my car to get home before dark to take my seventh-grade son, Aidan, out with some friends for Halloween trick-n-treating. I called home to check in and what I heard next broke my heart…horrors of horrors on Halloween! Read on…

All is Gift

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite holidays because, unlike Christmas, I receive no gifts. Thanksgiving is all about being. Being grateful. Being with family and friends. Being around a table. Just being. Thanksgiving gives you and I the opportunity to consider and be grateful for all the gifts we’ve already received. So, I took some time to think about what I’m grateful for and these thoughts bubbled to the surface. I hope they encourage you in some way today…

Be Creative: Just Say No!

[dc]O[/dc]ur kids have been taught to “Just say ‘No!'” Seems likes us adults could use some good no-no training as well. Some days I’m good at using the No-Word. Other days, I fail. Miserably. How good are you at the No-Word?

I believe how we practice the discipline of saying “No” has a huge impact on our focus, creativity, and ability to achieve a greater good.

Neglecting Beauty? Consider the Lilies

[dc]L[/dc]ast month, I was walking in my garden and I had a bit of an epiphany: I am guilty of neglecting beauty. Before me were a whole bunch of beautiful, slender lilies. There they were growing and I had completely missed them. In the rush of life, I had forgotten the very things I find pleasure in: simple, beautiful elegance. (These lilies are in our living room…the most massive ones ever from my garden!)

Neglecting beauty is a sure-fire way to sail into the creative doldrums. All of creation shouts before us and we wonder why we’re in a creative slump? Perhaps we’re a bit distracted. I know I have plenty of good reasons and bad excuses to neglect beauty. To name a few…