A Question of Focus

A Question of Focus

Crickets. That’s all you’ve been hearing lately from me. The crickets started cricketing last summer and they’ve been buzzing for quite a few months now. (My last post, Great Power and Beauty Await You, was way, way back in July…cricket season!) For me, it’s been a question of focus. A question of focus with my art, life, faith and creativity. I’ve simply been focused on larger projects requiring greater time, energy, faith and focus than ever before. I know many of you will benefit from them, but since many of you have been long and loyal friends to this Art, Life & Faith blog, I am sorry for my silence. It really has been a question of focus… of where I believe God has uniquely made me to make my best contribution. I’m also learning a lot about my limitations. What I can and can’t do. And the reality that I can’t do it all.

Jeff Walker, a favorite author and market strategist I follow, recently wrote about focus in his book Launch. “Your most scarce resource is focus, ” Walker writes… and here’s why!

3 Creative Focus Questions for 2013

For the past several years, focus has been a key theme in my life. In juggling several large writing projects and running The Grove Center for the Arts & Media (a non-profit ministry for artists), I’ve often struggled with where to focus my best energies during the day. In 2013, I am asking myself, “What is my creative focus for 2013?” (You can read my answer in the Comment Section below.)

As you move into these first few weeks of 2013, I have three simple questions that I believe will make a tremendous difference in your creative life. Asking these questions and regularly revisiting them will lead to a more fulfilling, meaningful and productive year. I recently read a Steve Jobs interview where he talked about the importance of focus… Read on…


Question of the Week #6: How do you handle interruptions, distraction or lack of focus?

Welcome to the Art, Life & Faith Question of the Week #6: How do you handle interruptions, distraction or lack of focus? Okay, I know that may be a risky question for some of you, so I’ll go first. I’m not going to lie to you. As a writer, producer and executive direction of a non-profit organization, I frequently wrestle with interruptions, distraction and lack of focus in my work. Did you hear that? Frequently!


I can’t claim that I suffer from ADD, ADHD, or TBI (traumatic brain injury), though I do know several people who do. I don’t think I’m alone on this focus issue. Artists and creative people aren’t the only ones who have to deal with interruptions, distractions and lack of focus. Read on…