Your #1 Dad Decision

[I] don’t know about you, but as a dad, there are days when I feel absolutely overwhelmed by all the decisions I have to make. Do you ever feel like you’ve been nailed by a two-hundred pound spitball trying to juggle your roles as a dad, a husband, and a work-guy? I mean, you’re the man. Your wife and your kids are looking to you for leadership, direction, wisdom, and a compass for how to navigate this life. Your decisions, good and bad, have everything to do with who you are and who they become. So what does all this have to do with your #1 Dad Decision? Absolutely everything. Read on…

Father, Son & U2

Last Saturday, the day before Father’s Day, I pulled off one of my best Dad capers. I love surprises and I love to surprise people, so when I discovered late Friday night that U2 had not one, but two shows last weekend at Angel stadium, it was all I could do not to launch into action.

Joseph, my oldest son, who will be fifteen this week is quite a good guitar player who loves U2. He’s also 6’1″ (three inches taller than me), but this post isn’t about jealousy. Anyway, Joseph and I had plans two years ago to go to the U2 concert at the Rose Bowl, but had to cancel because of Joseph’s swine flu (and Bono’s neck surgery).