All is Gift

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite holidays because, unlike Christmas, I receive no gifts. Thanksgiving is all about being. Being grateful. Being with family and friends. Being around a table. Just being. Thanksgiving gives you and I the opportunity to consider and be grateful for all the gifts we’ve already received. So, I took some time to think about what I’m grateful for and these thoughts bubbled to the surface. I hope they encourage you in some way today…

Do You Wrestle with God’s Love?

Do you wrestle with the truth that God loves you? I mean, really? God’s love for you? Are you completely comfortable with knowing that God loves you and accepts you one-hundred percent as you are? Not as you want to be or “should be,” but really, just as you are today. Yes, I know it’s pretty remarkable to reflect on the truth that God loves you unconditionally for who you are, but in our busy lives, I for one, don’t stop to consider this enough. (Painting-Jacob & the Angel by Wayne Forte)

I’ve met many people who wrestle with God’s love. It’s kind of like getting wrapped around a truck axle in a spiritual sort of way. There are so many people who hunger and yearn for unconditional love, peace, and a deep sense of spiritual freedom. Yet, it often seems so elusive. So I wrote a story about it… 

Father, Son & U2

Last Saturday, the day before Father’s Day, I pulled off one of my best Dad capers. I love surprises and I love to surprise people, so when I discovered late Friday night that U2 had not one, but two shows last weekend at Angel stadium, it was all I could do not to launch into action.

Joseph, my oldest son, who will be fifteen this week is quite a good guitar player who loves U2. He’s also 6’1″ (three inches taller than me), but this post isn’t about jealousy. Anyway, Joseph and I had plans two years ago to go to the U2 concert at the Rose Bowl, but had to cancel because of Joseph’s swine flu (and Bono’s neck surgery).

Does Conflict Drain You?

Like a slow, steady leak, unresolved conflict can lead us to circle the drain faster than expected. And make no mistake, unresolved conflict can create a huge barrier in our creative lives. Not that all tensions have to be resolved, but…

Here on Planet Earth, conflict is a part of life. Try as we may, we can’t duck, dodge or avoid it for too long. Avoiding conflict creates relational and emotional erosion that, left unchecked, only creates greater problems in the future.

If conflict drains you, you’re not alone…

What I Love Today

[dc]L[/dc]ast Sunday, my wife Krista bought a new stamp set labeled, “What I Love Today.” She took a new journal and put the stamp on the cover (see photo) and now the O’Connor family has a brand new “What I Love Today” journal.

That night, we each took turns writing in it and sharing what we loved about our relaxing Sunday.

Have you taken time to think what you love about today? It has a huge influence on who you are and how you do what you do!