Dare to Fail Greatly

With your art, are you willing to fail greatly? In your life, do you have a deep inner conviction that you really are on the right track? Even though it all may blow up in your face? Are you willing to appear wrong because what you’re doing is right?  Even if you’re doing the unthinkable, will you forge ahead even though you may fail? Our willingness to risk great things and fail in the process says a lot about our faith and who we are. Read on…



A Dangerous Prayer from a Courageous Friend

A couple weeks ago, I received the most remarkable prayer from a friend asking me to pray for him. When I read his words, I was blown away at his courage. Blown away at what a truly dangerous prayer he had just written. His words are so real, honest and authentic, I believe they capture the hearts of many people I know who desire real change in their lives and in their relationship with God. My friend wrote about the debilitating impact of paralysis, depression, fear, failure and regret. Yet, he also writes about the hope of change, finding true strength in God and living with confidence in the days ahead.