Question of the Week #6: How do you handle interruptions, distraction or lack of focus?

Welcome to the Art, Life & Faith Question of the Week #6: How do you handle interruptions, distraction or lack of focus? Okay, I know that may be a risky question for some of you, so I’ll go first. I’m not going to lie to you. As a writer, producer and executive direction of a non-profit organization, I frequently wrestle with interruptions, distraction and lack of focus in my work. Did you hear that? Frequently!


I can’t claim that I suffer from ADD, ADHD, or TBI (traumatic brain injury), though I do know several people who do. I don’t think I’m alone on this focus issue. Artists and creative people aren’t the only ones who have to deal with interruptions, distractions and lack of focus. Read on…

4 Lessons Triathlons Teach You about Life

[L]ast January, I shared that one of my 2012 goals was to train and complete in the multisport world of triathlon. I’ve been a runner for years, but as you might have read in my earlier post, Learning to Swim, my swimming skills were less than adequate for triathlon competitions. After several years of being tired of going to the gym and the inspiration of my good friend, Scott Rigsby (the first below-the-knee double amputee to complete the Ironman World Championship in Kona) I decided I needed a new challenge to push me mentally, physically and spiritually. Whether or not you consider yourself an athlete, an artist, a follower of Christ, or someone who is just interested in living well, there are plenty of things triathlons can teach you about life. Read on…

Click here to watch a funny video of Joey’s son mocking his running shorts.

Be Creative: Just Say No!

[dc]O[/dc]ur kids have been taught to “Just say ‘No!'” Seems likes us adults could use some good no-no training as well. Some days I’m good at using the No-Word. Other days, I fail. Miserably. How good are you at the No-Word?

I believe how we practice the discipline of saying “No” has a huge impact on our focus, creativity, and ability to achieve a greater good.