Are You An Attention-Seeking Artist?

Festival Crowd

Are you an attention-seeking artist? I know it sounds like a silly question because what artist doesn’t seek some form of attention with their art? Artists create not only for the love of creating, but for their work to be seen and appreciated. What filmmaker doesn’t want their film being seen by the masses? Does a painter paint in order to stick their canvas in the closet? Why would a composer write a score to be heard by no one? Artists are attention-seekers not unlike a salesman wanting to get the sale, a teacher inspiring their students, or a business owner wanting to hit it out of the park by making new widget. Yet, for the artist, there are some nuances regarding art and attention-seeking.

In a recent Grove online class called Pursuing Your Artistic Destiny, I interviewed my friend and co-worker, Roy Cochran. We had a great conversation about how artists and creatives can pursue their God-given creative calling. One of the points we covered was the importance of artists excelling in their craft. Roy asked the question, “Is your insatiable yearning to learn or for attention?” Jeff, one of our listeners, responded with a question of his own…