3 Ways Parents Can Develop Creativity in Children

[I] think every parent likes the idea of developing creativity in their children. Who doesn’t want creative kids? The problem is many parents don’t always how. Creativity and innovation are admirable qualities in kids and adults alike, but if you were raised in a home where creativity wasn’t valued, developing creativity in your children or grandchildren can be a challenge. Two weeks ago in the first Question of the Week, several of you shared stories of being raised in homes where creativity wasn’t encouraged. I’d like to see that change, wouldn’t you?


(Click here to watch Janae’s Super-8 SLO video on Youtube)

As a parent, one of my goals it to cultivate creativity in my kid’s lives. The fun part is, you never know when their creativity is going to pop up. Just this past weekend, our family went on a little adventure to San Luis Obispo to visit our daughter, Ellie, who is a freshmen in the school of architecture. As we walked through the campus, my oldest daughter, Janae, shot clip after clip of video on her iPhone. Later that evening when the rest of us went back to our hotel, Janae stayed with Ellie in her dorm room to put together this fun Super-8-ish video. No one asked Janae to create the video, but we all enjoyed it. She put her creativity to work and we received a wonderful little gift to remember our adventure together. Read on…

Slow Children & Dangerous Wonder

[dc]H[/dc]ave you read Dangerous Wonder: The Adventure of Childlike Faith by Mike Yaconelli?  It’s one of my favorite old books to pull off the shelf when I need to be reminded of the importance of childlike faith.

I love adventure and I love going on adventures with my kids. As my kids like to tell my wife Krista, “There are five children in our family: Us four kids and Dad!”

Whenever I drive by a neighborhood that has one of favorite street signs, I’ll point it out to my kids and say, “Slow children…how sad!” Yet, there is much spiritual wisdom in walking slowly with God. Here’s a favorite quote from Dangerous Wonder…