Searching for that Missing Peace?

Last weekend, I told you I was going on a search and rescue mission for missing puzzle pieces. My previous post was all about being creative and getting out of ruts by doing something new. (I wrote about it here in Do Something Different Today!) My “Do Something Different” was simply taking the time to put together an uncompleted puzzle that was sitting on my friend’s table for over a year. I didn’t finish the puzzle, but it’s now a heck of a lot more complete than when I started. When I arrived home from a long peace-filled weekend, it wasn’t 24 hours before I found myself missing a different kind of peace. I was searching for that all-too-elusive, missing peace. Read on…


“It Ain’t My Pig & It Ain’t My Pig Farm!”

[B]efore my favorite aunt Geegee ever got involved in someone else’s problem, she’d try to ask herself two simple questions, “Is this my pig? And is this my pig farm?” And if she found someone trying to pass on a big ol’ porker of a problem that they should be carrying themselves, Geegee would quip, “It ain’t my pig and it ain’t my pig farm!”

Aunt Geegee’s homespun wisdom is brilliant. (And she never even lived on a farm!) When it comes to other people’s problems, are you stuck knee-deep in pig slurry? Do you have no peace because you’re carrying someone else’s pig? Are you worried, anxious or fearful for what the other person might think of you when you don’t lovingly receive their even-toed ungulate? Do you find yourself wasting hours of your precious time standing next to someone’s trough feeding THEIR PIG? Do your spouse, children or friends ever comment how much time you spend over yonder on other people’s pig farm? Over the years, I’ve made plenty of mistakes carrying other people’s pigs that they best be carrying for themselves. I’ve been drawn into battles, fights and taken sides in conflicts I had no business getting involved in. Just like those little piggly-wiggly’s, problems can smell real bad. Here’s a few signs that someone else is trying to get you to carry a pig they should be carrying on their own…

Is ‘Marriage & Unconditional Love’ an Oxymoron?

Is marriage and unconditional love an oxymoron? How can you, a husband or wife, learn to create the essential conditions for a mutually satisfying and loving marriage? (Without killing each other first!)

Next week, I’ll be celebrating my 22nd. wedding anniversary…Yahoo! If there’s anything I’ve learned about married life is this: Marriage is all about the simple, intentional choices we make everyday. ‘For better or for worse’ is all about better or worse choices in attitudes, actions, and priorities.

In most of my books, I’ve focused on the importance of creating loving relationships by loving God and loving others. Today, I’d like to offer a short excerpt from my book I Love You Unconditionally…On One Condition and a FREE PDF download of the Introduction.

Does Conflict Drain You?

Like a slow, steady leak, unresolved conflict can lead us to circle the drain faster than expected. And make no mistake, unresolved conflict can create a huge barrier in our creative lives. Not that all tensions have to be resolved, but…

Here on Planet Earth, conflict is a part of life. Try as we may, we can’t duck, dodge or avoid it for too long. Avoiding conflict creates relational and emotional erosion that, left unchecked, only creates greater problems in the future.

If conflict drains you, you’re not alone…

When You’re Knocked Off-Center

[dc]I[/dc] would love to be as balanced as this tightrope walker (less the tights!). For me, the idea or myth of a balanced life is a bit elusive. I’m a mere mortal. I get knocked off-center all the time and like a tightrope walker trying to regain his balance, I wobble back and forth hoping there is a net below to catch me when I fall.

What knocks you off-center? Relationship conflicts? Illness? Stress at work? Financial struggles? Worry? Fear? Anxiety? Unmet expectations? Disappointment? Addictions?