Have You Read Oswald Chambers, The Artist Writer?

Have You Read Oswald Chambers, the Artist WriterFor those of you who are fans of Oswald Chambers and his classic spiritual book, My Utmost for His Highest, did you know Oswald Chambers thought his original calling from God was to be a visual artist and musician? Oswald Chambers had a deep love for God, creativity, and the arts. Though millions have read and loved My Utmost for His Highest, many do not know that Chambers studied at London’s Royal Academy of Art between 1895-1896. A gifted artist and musician, Chambers sensed God’s calling to be an ambassador for Christ in the world of art and aesthetics. To encourage you cultivate a more beautiful life in Christ, I’d like to share a few thoughts and favorite quotes from this beloved writer and artist…

Cultivate Your Creative Calling

If you’re an artist and you’ve been discouraged by setbacks, wondering if it’s all worth it, I want to remind you that it takes work to cultivate your creative calling. One of the pure tests of whether you’re an artist or not is questioning your creative calling in the first place. Being an artist is not a fixed and static reality like a math equation: 2 + 2 = 4. Okay, we get that. In pursuing your art form, you will face challenges, questions, hardship, financial struggle, heartache and doubt. Read on…


Good Advice for Young Artists

How many young artists have abandoned the Church because they weren’t offered any good advice, mentoring or a place to use their artistic gifts? Or, to put things in perspective, how often has the Church failed to acknowledge, affirm and empower young artists to use all of their creative talents to reflect the beauty, truth and goodness of God in this world? Imagine what might happen if young artists were given the very advice and help they needed to pursue who God has called them to be and what He has called them to do?

In this video, professional photographer Virginia Dixon shares her story of coming to America as a young girl and eventually becoming a professional photographer. Whether you are young or old, take a moment to listen to Virginia’s story and consider how you can encourage a young artist today.

Art, Life & Faith with AJ DeGrasse

I am loving SAFE, AJ DeGrasse’s new CD, which is why I want to introduce you to my singer/songwriter friend. AJ DeGrasse has been a long-time friend, co-worker and artist-collaborator with the ministry I serve, The Grove Center for the Arts & Media. Like many musicians and artists, his path to pursuing his creative gifts has not been a straight path…