5 Secrets of Flourishing Artists – A Free Webinar

Are you a flourishing artist? Or do you feel discouraged and overwhelmed like you’re floundering? Whether you’re flourishing, floundering or somewhere in between, I’d like to invite you to listen to this free webinar, 5 Secrets of Flourishing Artists. As a writer for over twenty years, I’ve certainly gone through seasons where I feel like I’m floundering. There are days when it seems like I can’t get traction for where I want to go. And if it’s not my writing or film projects, it could be my spiritual life. Or key relationships with my family and friends. Can you relate?

Discovering what it means to flourish as an artist can be an elusive journey, but I am convinced it’s not out of our grasp. Jesus did come to give us life and life abundantly in the here and now. As we find our life in Him, I believe there’s great overflow — a flourishing, you might say — that pours into our art, life and faith. So with this is mind, a couple artist friends of mine in our Grove community and I hosted this free webinar through The Grove Center for the Arts & Media. The response we received to our 5 Secrets webinar was overwhelming! Read on…

Live Bravely


I read in a recent issue of Outside magazine that their mission statement of “Live the Active Life” was a failure. Seems nobody really knew what the Active Life meant. The Outside editors and staff found that no one they interviewed could definitely answer whether they were living the Active Life or not. It was all a bit too vague. Heck, if you can walk to the bathroom, that’s an active life.

Living bravely was another matter. Everyone they spoke to could determine if they were living bravely or not. I suspect the same is true for you and I. We instinctively know if we’re living bravely or not. So my challenge to you (and myself) is to live bravely today. To live a beautiful life, we must live bravely. I have a few ideas what that might look like…

Will You Invest in Artists with Me?



For the past ten years, I’ve had the privilege of walking alongside and investing in the lives of artists with The Grove Center for the Arts & Media. Like what you read here on Art, Life & Faith, the mission of The Grove is to cultivate the spiritual life and creative work of artists. Many of you also receive regular updates from The Grove, so I hope you’ve been encouraged.

Today, if the Art, Life & Faith blog has helped cultivate your spiritual life and creative work in a positive way, I’d like to ask you to consider investing in the lives of artists by making a year-end donation to The Grove. Your donation will fund the grants and scholarships The Grove provides for artists. In the following year-end letter, I ask the question, “Are You A Generous Artist?” because I believe generosity reflects the heart of God. Walter Mitty also has something important to teach us about generosity. Read on or click here to donate now…

Meet Our Artist Friends at The Grove

Grove Gathering Outside

For the past week, we’ve been hammering away on creating a lot of great new content on The Grove Center for the Arts & Media’s website. Now, I’d like to introduce you to many of our artist friends who are a part of our Grove Community. One of our goals with The Grove is to become a collaborative, creative hub for artists to develop greater community with one another. We do that through our monthly Grove Gatherings, Artists Getaways, and creating Grove Online Classes & content for many of you who don’t live in Southern California. We want to share our friends with you so you can enjoy their creative work and share it with your friends. On The Grove’s new Artist Pages, you can…

How to Discourage Artists in the Church

Crestfallen doll with another push to encourage

I recently read How to Discourage Artists in the Church by Wheaton College president, Philip Ryken and he graciously agreed to offer it as a guest post here on Art, Life & Faith. You’ll be encouraged to know that not only as a pastor and college president is Ryken a lover and supporter of the arts, he is also the author of Art for God’s Sake: A Call to Recover the Arts. This is a wonderful essay about understanding how artists are discouraged in the Church by other Christian’s lack of artistic understanding and what do with those of us who have creative callings.

If we desire to see the arts thrive in the Church and create life-giving culture, we must help others understand what it means to support those who have the creative calling of “artist”.  I hope you’ll share How to Discourage Artists in the Church with your family, friends, and church leadership today.

3 Key Questions to Ask Your Creative Team

[A]sking your creative team a few key questions may just be what they need to inspire greater personal fulfillment and more meaningful work. If you want to build leadership, inspire your team to greatness, and create healthy working relationships, you need to ask great questions.

In my conversations with artists and creatives, if there is one familiar theme I hear, it is this: “I am so focused on my work, I don’t have time to pursue creative projects I really want to pursue.” Ironic, isn’t it? Creative people not having time to be creative. Whether you work for a church, non-profit organization or company, I have 3 key questions you can ask your creative team that will make a practical difference in their personal and professional development. Use these questions for a one-on-one or team-building conversation. Here they are…

3 Key Questions for Your Creative Team

Introducing Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith for the iPad, Kindle & Nook

[A]fter two and a half years of working with 21 artists, I’m very happy to announce the official launch of our dynamic new video ebook optimized for the iPad, Kindle & Nook. It’s called Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith. Create offers essays, artwork and video from 21 artists. Yes, 21 artistic points of view. My design team and I think it’s a compelling product worth your attention. If you have a love for story, art and a desire to see the arts flourish in the Church for this world, I think you’re really going to enjoy Create. For many years, I had this idea stuck in the back of my head, “How could we help and inspire artists who were struggling in their creative lives by offering hope and perspective through the stories of other artists? As artists, how could all of us better learn to integrate our art, life and faith? What if there was a good book or tool just to nudge us all a bit further down the path?”  So after six REJECTIONS from publishers, I could have easily thrown in the towel and said to myself…

Top 10 Art, Life & Faith Posts January 2012

Here are the Top 10 Posts from my Art, Life & Faith blog for January 2012. In writing about the arts, creativity, spiritual growth, writing and relationships, my goal is provide you with relevant, practical and inspirational content. I’ve just finished publishing a brand new dynamic video ebook entitled: Sound of A Spine-Poetry and Performance of Nick Macedo. Nick is an amazing spoken word poet and you’ll hear about him more in the coming weeks. I’ll be giving away a free copy to my top 10 February commenters. Post a comment and you just may win! Here are my Top 10 Posts for January 2012…

Top 10 Art, Life & Faith Posts December 2011

Here are the Top 10 Posts from my Art, Life & Faith blog for December 2011. It’s been one year now since I’ve been writing the Art, Life & Faith blog and I’m so glad I developed this “Home Plate” as my primary place to engage with friends and readers. It originally began as a writing palette to work out ideas, but the greater benefit has been making a whole host of new friends. From Art, Life & Faith, the other sites I connect with people online are Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and YouTube. To help you find relevant content that others are reading on Art, Life & Faith, I created a monthly review of my most popular posts…


Inspire Me! Help from ‘The Help’

Did you know that Kathryn Stockett’s bestselling book “The Help” was rejected 60 times before it was accepted? If you want an amazing, inspirational story about one woman who refused to give up, then read on my friend…

I love inspirational stories like this…courageous people who simply refuse to give up. I speak with many creative people who have wonderful, God-given desires and dreams. They want to create that next book, song, dance, film, painting, studio or business. Yet, for many, that dream begins to fade.

Your work gets rejected. You get discouraged. Frustrated. Hopeless. Feeling like what you’re creating really doesn’t matter. I say, “Stop! Don’t give up! Work hard…stop waiting…fulfill that dream…nothing is impossible for God!”