The Challenge of Staying Spiritually Awake


One of the greatest challenges facing followers of Christ today is the challenge of staying spiritually awake. I believe it is the core component to cultivating a beautiful life in Christ. Personally, when I strip away all the layers, conflicts and issues I face, staying spiritually awake–yes, alive and aware to the living, loving presence of God–this is the great challenge to my spiritual life in Christ. I recently wrote about my new favorite book, An Unhurried Life by Alan Fadling. In his remarkable first book, Alan quotes from another favorite author of mine, Richard Rohr from The Naked Now. This section about staying spiritually awake I found particularly helpful. I hope you find the following thoughts encouraging as well…

What Haven’t You Done in a Long Time?


What haven’t you done in a long time? I recently asked myself this question. I surprised myself with what popped into my mind. I haven’t been to the mission in a long time. The mission I’m referring to is the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Founded by Fr. Junipero Serra in 1776, the “Jewel of the Missions” has long held a special place in my life. It is a timeless place filled with beautiful gardens, amazing old architecture and ruins, quiet fountains and high-quality art. It has been a central place in my quest of cultivating a beautiful life. Raised Irish-Catholic, I used to feed the pigeons there as a kid. Returning as an adult, I came for altogether completely, more urgent reasons. Read on…

Are You Becoming More Loving, Joyful & Winsome? A Great Challenge by John Ortberg

[A]re you becoming more loving, joyful and winsome? It’s a wonderful, challenging question asked by pastor and author John Ortberg. In today’s guest post by my friend Alan Fadling, you’ll be encouraged to consider how you are becoming more loving, joyful and winsome as a follower of Christ. Alan graciously agreed to share his notes from a recent message given by John Ortberg at the Pastor’s Forum hosted by the Center for Individual and Family Therapy (CIFT). Dallas Willard had been scheduled to speak, but a recent surgery and slower than expected recovery meant he was unable to attend. Alan’s blog is An Unhurried Life, which I read regularly and highly recommend. (FYI, this is an article length post.) John’s words and Alan’s notes provoked this question in me, “As I rest in the grace of Jesus, am I becoming more loving, joyful, and winsome?”



Creativity is Unhurried

[dc]A[/dc]lan Fadling is a friend and the author of the Notes from My Unhurried Journey blog. He has some great things to say about creativity and our relationship with God.

A couple weeks ago, I loved reading his post, Creativity is Unhurried. I asked Alan if he’d like to be a guest blogger here on Art, Life & Faith and he generously agreed. I hope you find his words as encouraging as I did.

Alan writes…