Sound of A Spine: Poetry & Performance of Nick Macedo

If you like spoken word poetry,
you’re going to love Nick Macedo!

In Sound of A Spine, you’ll watch Nick performing in videos like this one. Watch Machete by Nick.

Sound of A Spine: Poetry and Performance of Nick Macedo is a dynamic collection of video performances and written poetry by spoken word poet, Nick Macedo. This enhanced video ebook contains 21 original poems and 8 videos performed by Nick Macedo. As you read and watch Sound of A Spine, you will be inspired and amazed at the passionate, emotional force of Nick Macedo’s poetry.

Nick Macedo was a member of the 2011 Hollywood Slam Team where he was Grand Slam Champion and the 2011 San Diego representative at the Individual World Poetry Slam. Nick has performed everywhere from juvenile detention centers to churches to universities. Nick released his first full length album, Without Flinching, to a sold-out show on September 30, 2011.

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  • Kirsten

    Thanks for promoting honesty in prayer!!

    • Joey O’Connor

      ¬†Kirsten, I’m finding the older I get, the more honest I need to get in prayer. Not that honesty didn’t matter before, but I’ve discovered how important it is to say exactly what’s on my heart and mind to God, knowing He’s not surprised at all by what I may have to say. Thanks for your kind words!