Slow Children & Dangerous Wonder

[dc]H[/dc]ave you read Dangerous Wonder: The Adventure of Childlike Faith by Mike Yaconelli?  It’s one of my favorite old books to pull off the shelf when I need to be reminded of the importance of childlike faith.

I love adventure and I love going on adventures with my kids. As my kids like to tell my wife Krista, “There are five children in our family: Us four kids and Dad!”

Whenever I drive by a neighborhood that has one of favorite street signs, I’ll point it out to my kids and say, “Slow children…how sad!” Yet, there is much spiritual wisdom in walking slowly with God. Here’s a favorite quote from Dangerous Wonder…

Our world is populated with domesticated grownups who would rather settle for safe, predictable answers instead of wild, unpredictable mystery. Faith has been reduced to a comfortable system of beliefs about God instead of an uncomfortable encounter with God. Childlike faith understands that God is capable of destroying us as He is of saving us. Risky curiousity breaks from the safety and comfort of a tame faith and ventures into the terrifying presence of a ‘not so tame’ God. (Dangerous Wonder, pgs. 35-36)

Why have we become so tame in living the adventure of following Christ? Walking with God and giving our lives over to Him daily is one of the riskiest things we could ever do. What will it take to walk with a childlike faith and begin praying for God to open our imagination of what He wants to do through us?

Playing it safe with God is dangerous business. I wonder if the root of all wonder, imagination, creativity and innovation is this risky curiosity and childlike faith that compels us to take great leaps of faith. Maybe even running in the street when no adults are looking?

I think there’s a definite link between slow children and dangerous wonder. When we stop to slow down and walk more intimately with God, there’s no telling what adventure we just might find?

Questions: How can a childlike faith in a Heavenly Father who loves you with wild, dangerous love lead you to take greater leaps of faith? How do you need to slow down and walk slowly with God today?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and dangerously curious questions.


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