Seth to Artists, “Stop Waiting!”

[dc]I[/dc]  just read a great post from marketing expert Seth Godin and I’d like to share it with you. Before we glean from Seth Godin’s marketing expertise, I want you to look at this picture with the two empty chairs? See that one…the one with your name on it? Are you waiting for the perfect opportunity? Waiting for that phone call? Are you a visual artist waiting for that painting commission? An actor waiting for that acting part? A writer waiting for that book deal? That recording contract. That movie deal. You’re waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Seth says don’t wait to be picked…

These words Seth Godin’s blog are encouraging…words we all need…

Reject the tyranny of being picked: pick yourself

Amanda Hocking is making a million dollars a year publishing her own work to the Kindle. No publisher.

Rebecca Black has reached more than 15,000,000 listeners, like it or not, without a record label.

Are we better off without gatekeepers? Well, it was gatekeepers that brought us the unforgettable lyrics of Terry Jacks in 1974, and it’s gatekeepers that are spending a fortune bringing out pop songs and books that don’t sell.

I’m not sure that this is even the right question. Whether or not we’re better off, the fact is that the gatekeepers–the pickers–are reeling, losing power and fading away. What are you going to do about it?

It’s a cultural instinct to wait to get picked. To seek out the permission and authority that comes from a publisher or talk show host or even a blogger saying, “I pick you.” Once you reject that impulse and realize that no one is going to select you–that Prince Charming has chosen another house–then you can actually get to work.

If you’re hoping that the HR people you sent your resume to are about to pick you, it’s going to be a long wait. Once you understand that there are problems just waiting to be solved, once you realize that you have all the tools and all the permission you need, then opportunities to contribute abound.

No one is going to pick you. Pick yourself.

Seth Godin is known for his innovative marketing ideas and expertise. You can purchase all his books here at Amazon.

Questions: What are you waiting for? What do you really want to do? Are you waiting to be picked or is fear holding you back?

I’d love your comments and feedback.

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  • Carol

    LOVE!!!! Thanks for posting this. I thought I was the only one.

    • Joey O’Connor

      Thanks Carol…Seth’s article was so encouraging and inspiring to me. I’m fast working on getting my books converted to digital ebooks…lots of work, but hopefully many people will benefit in the days to come. Glad you were encouraged!

  • Darrel

    Yes – same here, thanks. It’s been a productive week but the notion of being called, contacted or picked is stamped pretty deep on my default.

    • Joey O’Connor

      Thanks Darrel…I’m with you on the notion of being called, but for me, waiting around to be picked is a whole other notion. I think the difficulty with many people whose Spirits resonate with being called by God, but the wounds, fears and nagging doubts produced by our “flesh” keep us from walking with courage in our God-given calling. You’re right, we need a new stamp. Lord, do your re-branding work in me.

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  • Shweta Kanhai

    Joey! As always blessings come from my lips whenever I read your blogs..they are comforting n motivating. And this time touched right at the hurting spot like a balm. “Pick Yourself” by Seth were the two words that sounded so loud in my heart n I pray that God’s guiding light for all who reverberate with my feelings right now guide us n show us the path. Thanks n Lots of Blessings 🙂

    • Joey O’Connor

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m so glad you’ve been encouraged! Blessings!