Searching for that Missing Peace?

Last weekend, I told you I was going on a search and rescue mission for missing puzzle pieces. My previous post was all about being creative and getting out of ruts by doing something new. (I wrote about it here in Do Something Different Today!) My “Do Something Different” was simply taking the time to put together an uncompleted puzzle that was sitting on my friend’s table for over a year. I didn’t finish the puzzle, but it’s now a heck of a lot more complete than when I started. When I arrived home from a long peace-filled weekend, it wasn’t 24 hours before I found myself missing a different kind of peace. I was searching for that all-too-elusive, missing peace. Read on…


In the photos above, you’ll see the amazing, peaceful view I had as I drank my coffee and searched for one elusive puzzle piece after another. It was freezing cold in Post Falls, about 20 degrees, so we didn’t venture out much. I was content to be quiet. Pray. Think about what a puzzle has to say about my life.

All in all, it was very peaceful.

And how could it not be? I was looking at frozen snow on tall pine trees. Mirrored reflections on a slow-moving river. Slowly melting ice on branches when the sun came out. And an occasional honking of Canadian geese, who obviously didn’t get the memo to fly south for the winter.

By Monday afternoon, when I was back at work, it took all of a few hours and my peace was gone.

All it took was one dang email to set me sideways.

There was no conversation with anyone else. No overt conflict. No bad news.

It was simply me interpreting or misinterpreting a few words that kicked my fear reflex into gear. And it rattled me. And it bugged me that it bugged me.

I don’t know about you, but when fear raises it’s hydra-like head, my mind can quickly spiral into speculation and worry, prompting an inner conversation I’d rather leave unsaid.

I caught myself quickly, but fear never likes to hit the chicken-exit of my heart slowly or gracefully.

And so I did what I often have to do, “Lord, help! You know I get this way.”

And I invited Jesus to join the conversation.

When you’re missing peace, why don’t you invite Jesus to join the conversation going on in your heart? (Click here to Tweet this.)

He’s never going to shame or “tut-tut” you for getting rattled or thrown off center. His offer to find your peace in Him is gentle, warm and inviting.

Like that puzzle I worked on, it may take a while to find the piece to fill in that empty gap. Some situations or conflicts don’t resolved themselves quickly.

Sometimes, we simply have to rest (even when we don’t feel peaceful) in the simple truth that Christ is with us and very present in our current circumstances.

Takes awhile sometimes, but with patience, practice, and steady determination, that piece/peace will come. You can’t force it or dead-lift it with your own energy.

When that piece fits, it’s a gift of grace. Your openness with God’s initiative and enabling. The Holy Spirit and you working hand in hand.

So are you searching for peace or a puzzle piece to bring the different parts of your life all together?

I think it’s a little of both/and.

A peace here and a little piece over there.

Questions: When you get rattled, what helps you find peace? What are the best practices you take to find peace with God?

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