Recklessly Abandon Yourself to God’s Good Care: Artist Interview with Shane Tucker

[I] love Shane Tucker’s challenge for artists to “recklessly abandon themselves to God’s good care.” Wow…and that was just in the first three minutes of my conversation with him. Shane Tucker is an artist and pastor who serves other artists and creatives in the Nashville area. In this Art, Life & Faith artist interview, I think you’ll be encouraged by what Shane has to say about spiritual identity, artistry, creativity, ministry, the Church and culture. Shane is a part of an innovative mission in Franklin, Tennessee named Wind Farm Cafe. Shane has a strong heart for pastoring people in the arts, so naturally we have a lot of wonderful things in common about art, life, ministry and faith. Our conversation flowed along the lines of our mutual passion for seeing artists thrive in their relationship with God, in their work and in the communities where they live.

A few highlights include…one of Shane’s favorite quotes…

“The role of the artist is to deepen the mystery.”

• Shane speaks about his background and what led him into arts ministry.

• The unique way God has wired artists in their gifts, passions and talents.

• The prophetic calling of artists.

• Spiritual identity and the artist.

• The mystery and unquantifiable nature of the arts.

• The struggle some artists have fitting in the Church.

• The danger of getting caught up in the “product” or endgame of creating.

• The importance of artists painting a picture of the future.

• How artists deal with brokenness, disappointment and rejection.

• The importance of artists asking the question, “Why am I doing this?”

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You can reach Shane Tucker on Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin. You can also subscribe to Shane’s paper on Cultural Creatives and learn about Four Winds Mission. To reach Shane, email him at:

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