Question of the Week #9: What Do You Enjoy Most about Creating Art?

Welcome to the Art, Life & Faith Question of the Week #9: What do you enjoy most about creating art? As a writer, there are days when I’m not sure if I’m working or playing. I simply love to write. The same can be said for any kind of art that you truly enjoy creating. If you didn’t enjoy and actually love the process of creating, there’s a very good chance that you’d never become an artist. Read on…


When I think about the process of creating art, any kind of art, I’m a bit in awe at the generosity of God. To think that you and I are given creative talents and abilities to create things for others to enjoy is quite remarkable. To consider the actual process of creating is something we can also enjoy is a rare privilege others don’t always receive with their work.

So tell me, what do you enjoy most about creating art?

We know it’s not always easy (nor should it be). There are certainly days when we may want to throw our computer or easel or camera or piano out the window, but creative challenges are what cause us to stretch and grow, no?

One of the pure pleasures of enjoying what I create is finishing!

Today, my writing partner and I are putting the final spit and polish on the fourth draft of our movie script we have been working on for 9 months. (The fourth draft = 9 months, that is.)

In these final days of writing, we’ve been tightening, editing, adding, deleting, and discovering new little golden nuggets we hadn’t spotted before.

We crossed the threshold some time ago where “the story began to write itself…” That’s also a very wonderful part of creating I enjoy…letting it flow.

Letting it flow and finishing are two small gems of the creative process.
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That’s what I enjoy. How about you?

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  • techne

    what i enjoy most is the process of puzzling things out – materials, images, ideas, format – and the process of building the piece(s). i like it when a plan comes together…

    • Joey O’Connor

      That’s exactly what I’ve been doing the past couple months with the fourth draft of our script and a film treatment…like a mobile, you tug one part and it all moves. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you…heavy writing schedule lately…I like what you’re getting at here…I think it’s really important, especially for young artists, to get comfortable with trusting the process of creating. It can all look like a mess at first and it’s easy to get anxious, wondering if it’s all going to come together, but when it does, the resulting work can come out much better than imagined.