Question of the Week #8: How Do You Cultivate a Beautiful Life?

Welcome to the Art, Life & Faith Question of the Week #8: How do you cultivate a beautiful life? When was the last time you asked yourself that question? Do just want a life or do you want a truly beautiful life? Cultivating and creating a beautiful life demands your very best time and attention. Read on…


Much of my life and work involves working with all kinds of artists through The Grove Center for the Arts & Media. I also spend a fair amount of time cultivating The Grove’s 12 acre organic and avocado property in North San Diego. So naturally, a good portion of my life is spent cultivating and caring for what I hope bears fruit.

My desire is for both artists and our grove to become very fruitful. But cultivation is an intentional process. If we want our lives to bear artistic and spiritual fruit, you and I need to cultivate with purpose and care.

Our mission with The Grove is all about cultivation: We cultivate the spiritual growth and creative work of artists.

I’m curious…how do you cultivate your life? How are you intentional in your walk with God? How do you show care and attention to your heart? Your mind? Your body? Your creativity?

Artists who are intentional about cultivating a beautiful life are far more productive than those who don’t. (Click here if you’d like to Tweet This.)

There’s a very simple biblical principle called “sowing and reaping.” That which we sow, we reap.

I recently read this verse that has a lot to say about cultivation and what it takes to create a beautiful life.

But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop. Luke 8:15

How you cultivate your life may produce beautiful fruit in your relationships, your art, and your life…how do you cultivate a beautiful life?

I’d love your comments and feedback. Share in the Comments.

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  • Jan

    Answer: I don’t judge myself. I keep looking at the page of my life. I have not given up….yet despite the things I have not done yet. I am still listening for the next directions. I keep following my nose. I keep looking in the word of God expecting God to speak to me. Yes, often this means taking my little pocket Gideon’s on my walk with my dog and opening it up as I look out across the paddocks, appreciating the sunset colours. I expect to feel a move of the spirit as I open my Bible and I meditate on the verse I find.

    I listen to my dreams and write them down when I can remember them. I puzzle over the curious dreams and take joy in the beauty of a God revelation when the meaning becomes clear.

    I write emails to my sisters, expressing my feelings, often in a funny way, and always reaching out hoping there will be a God connection, somehow, through being me and loving my family. I pray like God is in the room listening – because He is! I read widely authors like Cloud and Townsend and Dan Allender and Graham Cooke and I dip into classics. I tilt my head at messages from John Crowder. I wonder if I was born old, or just skipped my youth. I seek understanding and laugh at myself every now and then.

    I have just taken to imagining Jesus in the room. What would he be doing during this sermon or at this time in church? I remember the time many years ago when I had just come back to God and my heart was wide open and I imagined Jesus giving me a gift. My imagining took on a life of it’s own and Jesus came to life in my mind. He did have a gift for me – the beautiful gold cross that I had wanted – but my real gift was to see the joy and delight in his eyes as he looked at me!! He liked me even though in His eyes I could see He knew all my faults, past and future. He looked so joyful, like He could have been on the point of telling the most wonderful joke and He likes me.

    And I do think Jesus wants me to join a gym and get some more exercise in my days – not too much though. In prayer and worship I use banners and raise my hands and sometimes have a holy imagination of colours and things. I keep giving thanks and preparing to be creative with people, time and opportunities.

    Thanks for the questions Joey. It’s good to look after our hearts, especially as that’s where the rivers of living water flow.

    • Joey O’Connor

      Thanks Jan for sharing so many wonderful ways you cultivate a beautiful life. So many great things learned here…it’s clear you have an intimate friendship with Jesus. I’m sure others will be inspired by your words!