My Top Faith-Based Arts & Culture Groups on Facebook

If you’re on Facebook, you just may want to check out my Top Faith-Based Arts & Culture Groups. You’ll find 16 wonderful organizations listed below. Many of these arts groups and ministries are led by friends of mine whose artist essays appear in Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith. I hope you’ll visit and share these arts & culture groups with your friends. One of our goals with The Grove Center for the Arts & Media is to expose artists to fellow arts & culture groups who are leading significant conversations in art, faith and culture.  Now’s your chance to engage with these arts and culture groups on Facebook. Share it with your friends. “Like” them. Read on…


My Top Faith-Based Arts & Culture Groups on Facebook is by no means exhaustive (nor one rated better than other). If you’re interested in cultivating a deeper life of faith, art, craft and understanding of culture, these are individuals and groups worth being connected to. Most of the descriptions below come from these organizations Facebook pages.

Christians in Visual Arts (CIVA)

CIVA’s broad range of conferences, exhibits, programs, and publications exist to help the art and faith movement flourish both in the Church and in culture. We encourage Christians in the visual arts to develop their particular callings to the highest professional level possible; to learn how to deal with specific problems in the field without compromising our faith and our standard of artistic endeavor; to provide opportunities for sharing work and ideas; to foster intelligent understanding, a spirit of trust, and a cooperative relationship between those in the arts, the Church, and culture; and ultimately, to establish a Christian presence within the secular art world. CIVA is led by Cameron Anderson. Click here to visit the CIVA website

Image Journal

Image, a literary and arts quarterly founded in 1989, is a unique forum for the best writing and artwork that is informed by—or grapples with—religious faith. We have never been interested in art that merely regurgitates dogma or falls back on easy answers or didacticism. Instead, our focus has been on writing and visual artwork that embody a spiritual struggle, that seek to strike a balance between tradition and a profound openness to the world. Image Journal is led by Gregory Wolfe. Click here to visit the Image Journal website.

Q: Ideas for the Common Good

Q was created as a place where church and cultural leaders could come together to collaborate and explore ideas about how the Gospel can be expressed within our cultural context. Our method of learning is simple: exposure, conversation and collaboration. We didn’t want to create just another conference, but instead, make an intentional effort to platform the best and the brightest ideas that are shaping our world and interact with them. Q is led by Gabe Lyons. Click here to visit the Q: Ideas for the Common Good website.

Relevant Magazine

RELEVANT—the magazine about faith, culture and intentional living. RELEVANT features artist interviews and serious reflections on faith, art, and culture. Launched in 2002, RELEVANT is the voice for spiritually passionate people who want to make a difference. We’re 20- and 30somethings who are asking questions, seeking God, having fun and trying to impact the world around us. Relevant is led by Cameron Strang. Click here to visit the RELEVANT website.

Art House America

The Art House in Nashville, TN has emerged as a unique artistic hub for rich hospitality, conversations of consequence, and imaginative creativity. Art House America was founded with the vision of nurturing creative artists and anyone looking to explore an artful, faithful life. In addition to promoting the seamless life of Christian discipleship and imaginative living, AHA also provides students with creative nurture, hospitality, and access to sound and exemplary vocational and spiritual counsel. Art House America is led by Andi Ashworth and Charlie Peacock (Ashworth). Click here to visit the Art House America website.

Visual Story Network

The Visual Story Network is a global community of visual storytellers leading a movement so everyone can encounter Jesus and His kingdom. VSN’s work includes: 1. Build a visual story movement. 2. Connect visual storytellers with one another. 3. Collaborate on projects, products, & partnerships. 4. Train new storytellers. VSN is led by Clyde Taber. Click here to visit the Visual Story Network website.

168 Film Project

168 is a faith-based, worldwide incubator, in which teams make a short film in 7 days based on a Bible verse and theme. All films screen at the 168 Film Festival on March 31 – April 2. Our goal is to draw emerging filmmakers to the Word of God and equip them professionally to change the fabric of the media. 168 Film Project is led by John David Ware. Click here to visit the 168 Film Project website.

RYFO Network

The mission of the RYFO Network is about making the love of Jesus unavoidable in the music community by helping followers of Jesus show and share his love with musicians. RYFO is led by Nick Greenwood. Click here to visit the RYFO Network website.

Project Dance NYC

Project Dance® is a movement of dancers seeking to positively impact culture through artistic integrity. Our desire is to see every dancer nurtured to their fullest human potential for their own wellbeing and their contribution to the world. We offer training, education, and performance opportunities for dancers worldwide who desire to dance with integrity to inspire. Project Dance NYC is led by Cheryl Cutlip. Click here to visit the Project Dance NYC website.

Hollywood Prayer Network

The Hollywood Prayer Network is a Christian non-profit ministry mobilizing prayer for the people in the world’s most influential mission field, created by professionals and for professionals working in the entertainment industry. We challenge you to embrace artists and creative professionals in our culture and support them through prayer. HPN is led by Karen Covell. Click here to visit the Hollywood Prayer Network website.

International Arts Movement

IAM gathers artists and creative catalysts to wrestle with the deep questions of art, faith and humanity in order to inspire the creative community to engage the culture that is and create the world that ought to be. Art is society’s existential statement, in answer to the question, “Why live?” International Arts Movement works as a catalyst to inspire people to hope, engage deeply into the depth of culture’s critical zones, and create a world that ought to be. We believe that artistic excellence as a model of “what ought to be” paves the way for lasting, enduring humanity. IAM is led by Mako Fujimura. Click here to visit the IAM website.

Arts & Entertainment Ministries (AEM)

Arts & Entertainment Ministries (AEM) provides education, resources and dialogue for those wrestling through the issues of integrating faith and art. This exciting journey of the intersection of worldviews, faith and art not only include the artists and creative professionals on the cutting edge but educators such as college professors and clergy who minister and pastor artists as well. AEM is led by Joel & Michelle Pelsue. Click here to visit the AEM website.


StoneWorks is a global arts initiative for cultural restoration and the recovery of the imagination in the life and mission of the church. StoneWorks hopes to inspire creative culture shapers to pass on the vision, engage in further networking and partnership, and develop their own programs and methods to pursue arts education, spiritual formation, and cultural restoration. StoneWorks is led by Colin Harbinson. Click here to visit the StoneWorks website.

SEEDS Fine Arts Exhibits

SEEDS Fine Art Exhibits exists to glorify and honor God through Fine Art Exhibits and to bless those we touch in the process. Their mission includes: To develop conceptual exhibits that address vital questions concerning the human condition that connect communities to dialog. To celebrate the spiritual in art through the compelling spirit of curatorial pursuit that brings art alive and realizes the artist and their body of work through a comprehensive individual relationship. To protect the impact of art by recording the unique experience. SEEDS Fine Art Exhibits is led by Denise Weyhrich and Cindi Rhodes. Click here to visit the SEEDS Fine Arts Exhibits.


Welcome to YWAM Arts, the home of YWAM Arts International. This space is home not only to those involved with YWAM Arts but to all those passionate about Arts ministry in the Church and around the world. Youth with a Mission has many wonderful arts ministries throughout the world. YWAM Kona has a wonderful arts school & community. Click here to visit the YWAM Kona website.

Artists in Christian Testimony Intl (ACT Int.)

Artists in Christian Testimony Intl’s ultimate objective is to see people around the world—as they come to Christ—worship God and express their faith in their own language and cultural style, while mobilizing and training church and mission leaders to more effectively worship and communicate the Gospel through music and the arts. The unique blend of artistic ministries who have partnered with ACT Intl, are ‘fan the Movement’ everyday, utilizing their creative gifts and talents to tell others about Jesus and encourage believers. ACT Intl is led by Byron Spradlin. Click here to visit the ACT Intl website.

The Grove Center for the Arts & Media

The mission of The Grove Center for the Arts & Media is to cultivate the spiritual growth and creative work of artists. We do this through monthly artist gatherings, getaway artist retreats, and practicing generosity to artists through small grants and scholarships. The Grove operates a 12 acre avocado and organic lemon farm in North San Diego County. The Grove seeks to develop a national center for arts and media in the Church. The Grove is led by Joey O’Connor. Click here to visit The Grove Center for the Arts & Media website.

Questions: What other faith-based arts & culture groups on Facebook can you recommend? What churches do you know who have embraced the arts to communicate the Beauty, Truth, and Goodness of God?

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  • techne

    i wish these were links (or at least included links) to actual websites.

    for non-facebook sites i’d also add the other half of image – – a gathering of intelligent and wise and (mostly) gracious arts and culture types. intense, deeply thought-out discussions, particularly re: film.

    there’s also imago – – which is, evidently, on facebook:

    • Joey O’Connor

      Great point etechne…I just added all the arts organizations links to My Top Faith-based Arts & Culture Groups on Facebook (see above). And thanks for sharing and sites as well. I’m familiar with via Image Journal…they have a wonderful site. Checked out imago-arts…they’ll have to make the next round…thanks for sharing again!

  • techne

    locally (at least for me) there is also iloveartists – – which does a lot of things really well, especially in creating community and dialogue. dave is awesome.

    • Joey O’Connor

      Yes, I checked out the group and joined as well. Looks like a wonderful community. Thanks for the share.

  • techne

    another project (operated by some amazing friends) is abrasive media: