Meet Our Artist Friends at The Grove

Grove Gathering Outside

For the past week, we’ve been hammering away on creating a lot of great new content on The Grove Center for the Arts & Media’s website. Now, I’d like to introduce you to many of our artist friends who are a part of our Grove Community. One of our goals with The Grove is to become a collaborative, creative hub for artists to develop greater community with one another. We do that through our monthly Grove Gatherings, Artists Getaways, and creating Grove Online Classes & content for many of you who don’t live in Southern California. We want to share our friends with you so you can enjoy their creative work and share it with your friends. On The Grove’s new Artist Pages, you can…

Listen to our friend’s music with the iTunes app.

I’m really excited to share a wonderful group of musicians and a new iTunes feature with you because not only do you get to listen to great music, you can download it right away. Your purchase helps support the creative work of our friends. And every time you make a purchase, The Grove also receives a small share of the proceeds to support our ministry to artists.

Download eBooks and Amazon

We also have a number of writers and new authors who are a part of our Grove community. Check out their new books that are available in ebook on iTunes and available on Amazon. We have great books from my friends David Zailer, Alan Fadling, Noelle Cablay, Mark Cullen and Todd Gorton.

Join Free Podcasts & Check Out New Apps

If you know anyone who works or serves in church tech arts (the people behind the sound board who run all the visuals, lighting and video), you’ll want to introduce them to the highly popular podcast, Church Tech Weekly. Mike Sessler and Van Metschke, the hosts of the show, are a part of our Grove Community. They have done a wonderful job encouraging and supporting church technicians. Please share their podcast with others. We also have a few apps designed by the very talented, Ben Faubion.

Meet our Visual Artists

You’re also in for a real treat when you check out our Visual Artist Pages. I’m in awe of the talent represented by the fine artists at The Grove. Visit their websites. Send them a note. I really want to encourage you to share it with your family and friends.

Last, when you visit The Grove Artist Pages, drop me a note. Tell me what you liked. Best of all, share these artists with your friends. The more we can help one another in the body of Christ, the better.

Questions: Who has encouraged you as an artist? How can you encourage another artist and share their work with your family and friends this week? What did you enjoy or find encouraging about The Grove Artist Pages?

I’d love your comments and feedback.

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