Introducing Sound of A Spine: Poetry & Performance of Nick Macedo

[I] am so pleased to announce a new video poetry ebook called Sound of A Spine: Poetry & Performance of Nick Macedo published by The Grove Center for the Arts & Media. Nick Macedo is an incredible twenty-five year old slam poet (one of Hollywood’s best) with an incredible grasp for ideas, language, symbol and the spoken word. When I saw Nick perform just over a year ago, I said to myself, “This guy’s phenomenal…I have to meet him.” At the time, I didn’t know how we’d work together, but I knew God had put us together for a special reason.

Now, it’s my pleasure for me to introduce you to Nick’s videos, written poems and performance photos.  If you’re looking for a really cool ebook gift idea or if you have a love for poetry, Sound of A Spine is a wonderful ebook experience optimized for the iPad, Kindle & Nook. Below, I recently interviewed Nick about his poetry and life as an artist. In the introduction to Sound of A Spine, I also tell the story of how Nick and I first met. If you’re open to the artistry and serendipity of God, you never know who you’re going to meet…read on…

How I Met Nick Macedo


I’ve now spent over half my life searching for words, playing with words, writing words, moving words, deleting words, and tweaking the words I just wrote. All these words amounted to an even larger pile of words that ended up on white pieces of paper that became a collection of books I’ve written in the past twenty years.

I love words and I love stories. And frankly, in my line of work, you just don’t meet too many people who spend hours in front of a computer screen trying to get a series of stories or thoughts on paper that will eventually become a book. Don’t get me wrong. I certainly know a lot of readers and people who love words and books like I do. I just don’t know a lot of writers and people who make it their practice to be really, really good with words. Especially the spoken word.

Until I met Nick Macedo.

Last spring, my wife and I were at a fundraiser for a local youth organization. Somewhere in between pasta and dessert, a young man in his twenties stood up on the small stage. He was built like a linebacker or a bouncer, at least. At first, I thought he was going to share a short speech about what a swell youth organization it was or how many juvenile delinquents they’d taken off the streets in the past year. But he didn’t do or say anything like that.

For the next ten minutes, Nick Macedo proceeded to share his spoken word poetry with precision, emotional force and visual word pairings that knocked me sideways. It was one of those rare instances when I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Looking around the room filled with a couple hundred people or so picking through their pasta, I wondered, “Are they all hearing what I’m hearing? This guy’s not just good. He’s amazing!”

When Nick finished and stepped off the stage, I leaned over to my wife Krista and said, “I have to meet this guy.” To say I was shocked at the beauty and eloquence of his words would be an understatement. It’s rare to meet someone whose words electrify a room like an unexpected lightning storm. I simply had never heard or met someone so young who delivered so many thought-provoking words with such force. The emotional weight and delivery of his words, packed with visual metaphor after metaphor (one lightning strike after another), spoke of things that many of us certainly might feel in some deep place, but never quite be able to bring to the surface. Nick articulated ideas, concepts and truths in such a moving way that I found myself reflecting, “Rare is such a deep well found.”

Once Nick and I met for coffee and shared our stories, I’ve now found myself a bit caught up in his story.  He’s a delightful new friend, which is why I’m so pleased and honored to introduce him to you. This book you now have in your hands, this video ebook (developed by the good people at goes far beyond what Johannes Gutenberg ever imagined when he developed the first printing press. Here you’ll experience Nick first-hand through his poetry and his performances. You’ll hear and see the beauty in his words. Many words enchanting; others disturbing. Some offering pain; far more offering hope.

As I’ve poured over Nick’s poems and watched him perform, like all good poets and the prophets of the past, I hope his words stir something in you. I hope they wake something inside of you that longs for the beauty, truth and goodness God has carved inside your soul. Through his gift of poetry and the spoken word, I hope Nick’s words will shake you and wake you. That’s the sign of a good poet. They awaken parts of your heart and soul deep inside that you never knew were fast asleep.

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